Michigans Adventure: Slick wood on 9/6/2010

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Don't confuse this title with anything sexual, but the wood was wet everywhere around the park, after 2 hours of torrential rain. Anyhow, arrived at the park at 11:15 which was 15 minutes after opening and saw a line of cars that were not going into the park. I was thinking that maybe this was not a good sign, until driving past and seeing people were just jumping in and out of cars of people they knew. Anyhow flashed the platinum pass and into the parking area.

I had to go to guest services to get a ticket, which still seems the computer doesn't still recognize passes from other parks there. Killed 2 hours in the park, by walking around into the different shops and waited out the rain.

Finally, the sun started to peak through and while in the area for shivering timbers we had crews back on rides and testing began. Being third in line for the ride as it opened paid major dividends as only two trains got off before lightning flashed through the sky again. However, the ride itself was still very wet and it was flying up and down its massive course. I think this may easily be the best old CCI that I have rode. It produces a nice amount of air and just runs smooth enough not to really put you into pain other than in the helix and the turnaround. Also major props to actually seeing the way trick track was supposed to feel.

I then went over to the wolverine wildcat, and the lightning started there, so i walked off and decided to wait until, hopefully it passed. Zach's Zoomer about 15 minutes later started going over the hill and had to go over and try to get a ride, or it might have been curtains to a washed out day. However that was the last of any major downtime for rides all the time i was there.

Zach's Zoomer was like the Waldameer Comet in stature, trains and basically ride, although i would give the Zoomer the nod if i had to compare them.

Next was Corkscrew, although I knew what to expect. It was basically the same model that Geauga Lake had back when I was young. I know its nothing special as a ride goes these days, but it actually was more nostolgic more than anything as GL's Corkscrew was my first. As a side note i also know its not the same one.

Finally with the weather being favorable, I got to ride the Wolverine Wildcat, which too was still sporting a nice mixture of water and grease on the track. I wasn't expecting much, but it had a few nice moments of air and wasn't too rough.

Lastly, was a check on an old friend. Thunderhawk, looks impressive with its paint job although in some spots its starting to peel already. It basically runs like any slc and the people really love it. Its kinda nice to see at least the people in michigan really enjoy it, because of riding it many times over, it certainly is one of those coasters to me that just doesnt do anything for me.

Another ride on Timbers was the last ride and it was popping off more air than the first ride. It really is probably the best wooden coaster that i have rode in the cedar fair chain, i have not rode prowler or renegade, but this was a very good ride.

A few things i noticed about the park

1. there are no trees to be found anywhere there

2. It was exceptionally clean, although some things may have been washed away by all of the rain.

3. Cedar Fair almost seems to take this property for granted it seems, they could spend some money as there still seems to be land back behind thunderhawk and in amongst the train tracks. They do seem to be focusing on that area as they have added their last two rides there and the area looks really nice to be honest, especially grand rapids.

All in all what could have been a major disaster, by driving 5 hours to a park, became pretty nice and many nice surprises. I really did enjoy the wooden coasters here and it seems that really is their calling card up there.

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Glad to hear you had a good time at MiA. They have a lot of room for expansion there. There are some beautiful beaches in the Muskegon area as well. I hope that they continue to put in thrill rides. I know Jeff has said on the podcasts that he feels MiA already has too much but I disagree on that one. Yes there are lots of flat rides at the park but I go to the parks for the coasters baby! We love our coasters in Michigan and if you build 'em we will come.
Beautiful park, beautiful area-hope they continue to develop it.

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Who said Michigan's Adventure has too much?

If anything it doesn't have enough! There are only a handful of good rides, and, the waterpark is obviously excellent. However, the rest is basically a spread out area of carnival style rides, and there is no other form of entertainment in the park at all. Unless you call a bunch of people in Peanuts costumes entertainment.

In my view, I don't think the park needs another rollercoaster right now. Adding more thrill rides is what the park needs. I was actually very surprised that a lot of the rides that were relocated from Geauga Lake didn't end up at MA. The only ride they received was Thunderhawk. I was hoping they would send the enterpise, topspin, and Hymalaya to MA. But they, just auctioned them off.

A cool addition to the park would be a 3-D or 4-D theater. Or one of those crazy ride through shooting galleries. I remember that the pirate movie at Worlds of Adventure (former Sea World) was really cool. I think the crowds at MA would love that, also it would be air conditioned, which would be great on a hot Michigan day.

It is also kind of sad to see that MA is constantly getting the shaft, while the newly aquired parks are getting awesome new rides. While parks are getting mega coasters, MA is getting flowerbeds, and remodels, and a bunch of worthless stands that nobody ever seems to visit.

So to say that MA has too much. It's hardly exciting news.

Maybe they should buy the Big Dipper and move it to MA, and restore it. Having another wooden coaster, wouldn't be a bad thing. Even making it the new ride for 2012. Might work. In the meantime, I'm hoping for more thrills, and less frills.

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Timber-Rider said:
Or one of those crazy ride through shooting galleries.

http://www.sallycorp.com/ :)

"Pimping" is such a dirty word... ;)

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