Michigan's Adventure Opening Day - 5/23/03

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Finally! It seems like years have gone past waiting for this day. Sure, no major improvements were expected, but to be reuinted with my Timbers... I've been in Lansing for a few weeks, so I woke up at 7 just do get ready. I was gone by 8 and got to the park by 9.30

The first new thing I noticed were the new parking booths. Very welcome here, they're even air conditioned. Lots of new boards on Timbers looked great. parked, validated the pass, got the first ride on ST for the season, and kept going throughout the park for the day. Amazing. 10 laps on Timbers to get me to 60.

I'll have pics up soon.

I have some nice new souvenirs. A green ST hat, a ST magnet, and a new penant.

I hope to see you all later this season. (I wore a black ST t-shirt today and nobody said hi...) I look forward to hitting the big 100 soon!

Say hi!


P.S. - An employee let leak some 2004 info, later on that...

Guess who's back... MIA JON!

Doh! I must have missed you. I was wearing a light blue shirt, glasses, blond hair.

20 laps ST, 2 Wildcat, 3 Corkscrew, 1 Mouse.

Almost no lines other than school groups (1 train wait average).

Was a little bummed that the ride ops were making people go around to get back on even when there wasn't anyone waiting. Oh well... twas fun anyway.

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Jon, something tells me Kara will have an issue with ST being "yours"... Unless you get to be its daddy.

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Strijder, I don't remember you. Wait! Did you ride with a lady for quite a few laps?

joe., don't care. It's mine!

Yeah, I don't like the school groups. Especially the annoying kids in the orange shirts...

Guess who's back... MIA JON!

Hey Jon,

What's up w/ 04?

I pray that the next coaster @ CP will be an Arrow 4D

Oh yeah! I forgot to post that! It'll be on the General Buzz board in a minute or two...

Guess who's back... MIA JON!

MIAJon, I was there on my own, but I joined a fun older gentleman with a white beard for about 3 laps and a female chaperone in a blue shirt for around 5 laps. Might have been me.

The kids in orange weren't too bad, except for when two of them threw up all over the trains and closed ST down for half an hour.

OMG, that sucked so bad! I was the one standing there first in line waiting for that.

Guy with white beard, female chaperone, yeah, it was you. Next time I see ya I'll say hi.

Guess who's back... MIA JON!

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