Michigan's Adventure: June 20, 2013.

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I decided to make full use of my Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, and took another trip to the park today. And, if I could use one word to describe it, it would be BRUTAL! It was a very painful day.

The weather was crystal clear, 82 degrees, and medium crowds. I arrived at the park, around 1:30 p.m, and the lot seemed to have even less cars then my last Saturday visit. Though there was twice as many School busses. So, there were double the amount of school kids. It was not packed, though it was still busy enough for some rides to have lines.

Once again, no problem breezing through the entrance with my season pass. I thought I would hit the rides close to the entrance first, though it didn't seem like anything was running. I went to the entrance to Corkscrew and it was closed, so I looped back towards Shivering Timbers.

I once again by-passed loggers Run, and the Wildcat, because they both had long lines, and stepped up to Shivering Timbers to find the queue going down the ramp, with a wait of 15 minutes. But, it ended up being closer to 25 minutes as the school kids were not moving, and there was an employee with a stick, checking the kids for height, and only one girl checking restraints. So, there was more waiting in the station then needed.

The longer wait was bearable, and since I had such great rides on ST, I couldn't wait for my ride, and sat in the front seat, and all I have to say is. UUUGGHHH!! it was so brutal! It felt like the train was riding on square wheels the whole ride, and could not wait to get off! So, I figured, it must be the train, so when I got off from the Blue train, I got back in line (like and idiot) and went for the wonderful ride I had in the back of the train on Saturday's ride, and waited for the green train. OMG!! It was even worse than the blue train! Bang slam! Bang Slam! on every hill. The swoop turn and trick-track, was horrible. I went and saw my face in the on ride photo, and I looked like I feared for my life!! LOL!!

After my beating on ST, I went on the Wildcat. There was only a 2 train wait, as I picked the row with the least amount of kids in it, and as the train pulled out of the station I realized I was sitting on an axel seat, not going for the middle. And, from the get go off the first drop, Wildcat delivered another brutal ride. I don't know if it was because it was hot, or lack of humidity, or what, but it was very fast, and very jerky and bumpy. NOT FUN!

I figured, I'd had enough wood for the day, and headed over toward Thunderhawk. Again, Loggers run had a full Queue, so I skipped it again. But, decided to stop for at least on spin of the Gliders. I guess they have changed their rider policy on Gliders as adults now have to ride alone, or with a small child. Two adults can not ride together, as there has apparently been damage to the ride, from too much weight in the swings. You can see that some of the cars wings have already become bent, and worn. But, still a good ride on the Gliders, got a few really high swing outs on my ride.

Next up was Thunderhawk. Surprised to see both trains running, with little or no wait. I took 3 rides on Thunderhawk, and it was great fun. But, once again, the ride seemed rough. It seems to slam hard into the big turn into the wing-over loop, and some head banging today. A huge difference again from my Saturday rides. Which were fairly smooth.

I figured that I had about enough coasters, and headed back to the entrance, to go out to my car, and get my swimsuit. It was now about 2:45 p.m. I noticed a group formed by the corkscrew, (which was testing) So, I decided to wait it out, and get some needed shade. Corkscrew opened, and people piled in. Lots of excitement for an arrow looper. Got a nice ride on Corkscrew in the very back, and just for the heck of it, I took a spin on Zach's Zoomer. Which was a lot smoother, than the other coasters, but just ok.

Spent the next few hours in the water park, which was pretty busy. The lazy river was about body to body deep in tubes, and a couple of the wave pools had large amounts of people in them. The funnel of fear also had a pretty sizeable line. Maybe an hour wait, so I skipped that.

I did a few of the snakepit slides, and did one body slide, where I got stuck, and had to push myself to get to the end of the tube. I also checked out the lame Beach Party attraction. Basically a kids water play ground, with a few slides, one of which was closed. Got dumped on by the bucket, and then went over to check out the other tube slides, which I passed on, as the wait started at the bottom of the stairs. So, I put on my flip flops, and shirt, and headed out to Grand Rapids, and adventure falls.

Took two spins on hydro blaster, with about a 10 minute wait for each tube, then did a no wait ride on Adventure falls, where I got pleasingly drenched. I then stepped up to Grand Rapids, which had a 20 minute wait. Looks like they had guys in blue shirts, loading the rafts this time, and they seemed to know what they were doing. Also, all the water features were turned on, so everyone in our raft got a good soaking in the canyon falls, which were turned off, when I rode it on Saturday.

I went back and did a couple more snake pit slides, then swam in the wave pool for bit. Then decided to go to eat. Once again, I chose the family Grill, where a giant sea gul decided to help itself to my plate, when I went to get a soda refill. Where is Ted Nugent when you need him! So, had to get another plate of food, and guard it from the sea gul vultures. Which were all lined up on the roofs of the pavilions, just waiting for a free lunch. YOU BASTARDS!!

I decided to end the day with more flats. This time I did thunderbolt, which had some insane swinging of the cars, even though it doesn't move very fast, it was a bit much, as it was also banging a bit, as it hit its max swing. After that, I took a spin on Scrambler, which was actually great fun. I wanted to go on the Loggers Run, but it was apparently closed for the day. (6:30)

So, I made the mistake again of yet another ride on Shivering Timbers, This time, mid train, hoping for little damage. But, nope, still aweful. I just don't get it. I think it was the worst ride of the day, and killed my back. Also, with a huge "L" on my forehead, I went to the Wildcat again, and I was the only one in the station, so I went right for the front seat. And, I think there was only 6 people on the train when it left the station. Again. Brutal..The double down, was really bad, and it was just horrible.

I finally threw up my hands, and said screw it! I'm going home! My back hurt so bad from so many brutal coaster rides, I just wanted to go home and crawl into bed with some aleve. Which is exactly what I did. I am just posting this at 1 am. Slept for a few hours, and awoke again with a sore back.

Park notes: You can now buy a park mug, and get it refilled free all day, and then bring it back on your next visit, and get refills for 99 cents all summer. Though, I think most people just re-fill them free.

As for coke from the machines. I was wrong!! (bytch slap me!) 20 oz. bottle of coke are $3.75. I was confusing a red bottle of some energy drink for coke, which is $5.00. So, I apologize for that. Still pretty pricey.

Also noticed trouble at the beer garden, as 3 guys got kicked out by security, as the employee there refused to serve them. I over heard the argument, as I was watching the Gliders. They gave them a choice, you can either leave this area, or leave the park. I heard the security guards commenting, that the park was really going to put them to work this year. Figured as much.

Anyways. It was a very nice day. Though not as fun or pleasant as my last visit. The difference in the coasters was really shocking.

Sorry, if this was too long.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

Voted up just for the seagull comments! Funny stuff!

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


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When i went on ST last year, i did the front first which was excellent. Then i sat in the very back seat and it kicked my butt, which i figured it would be rough in the back, but wasnt expecting it to be as bad as it was.

Now slowing to a stop on the water slide, is your suit cotton? I had the same experience at Soak City at CP, embarrassing, i figured it was my suit which is either 60-70% cotton, so i bought a new one this year that has no cotton in it. Hopefully no more slow rides on body slides!

The fearless seagulls strike again!

When you visit CP, visit my mill. est. 1835
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Hey JW Addington.

I don't know what it is about wooden coasters. But when I rode both coasters on Saturday, they were both fun, and Shivering Timbers was flying through the course, and it was a blast with no pain at all. But, yesterday they were both terrible. The swoop turn and trick-track on Timbers was really bad. Though, when I rode on Saturday it was colder, so I was wearing two shirts, so maybe the extra padding I had on Saturday helped.

As for my swimsuit, it's a puma swim trunk. I'm guessing it is made of a combo of polyester/spandex. It's not cotton. Though it is not the same material as those awful board shorts either. I don't like the board shorts, because they come down past my knees. Though that is pretty much what ever other guy was wearing. I can't stand them.

I have an idea for MA's next midway game. "Whack-A-Gul" A game where they set up little buggs bunny traps where the seagulls hang out on the roofs, and when they come near the trap, you push a button and Whack!!! No more seagulls. You not only control the gull population, but you also win a prize. One of those stuffed Angry Birds. And, you get to play for free!

Curious. You wouldn't be from Grand Rapids by any chance?

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

I went this Tuesday (and trip reported it.) and walked on every ride except Zach Zoomers and the Be Bob Bolevard. Those each had 5 minute waits, though. The parking was to mid-mouse, and I imagine you know what that means. I rode big roller coaster 4+ times and every flat I desired. Even the usual long lined Funnel of Fear had under a 5 minute wait the whole day. Why it was busy your day, I don't know. Maybe you have bad luck. The two days I've went this year haven't given me any waits on anything.

Tyler, why are you re-hashing your own trip report in reply to someone else's? I didn't particularly enjoy it the first time and I wouldn't have wanted to read it again. But I thought you might be commenting on T-R's report. Silly me.

The amusement park rises bold and stark..kids are huddled on the beach in a mist


I didn't see that timber-rider had commented on my tr in similar fasion that I did here.

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I appreciate your comments Tyler. Don't let the bullying get to you.

Anyone who says that they have not used their own experience at a park, to compare to another persons trip report, is just blowing steam. I have done it often, and get flamed every time. I have yet to see a person on here yet who has not commented on someone elses experience with their own.

Like all the posts about riding sky rush. Which I have not been on, though it seems a lot of people on this board have, where they disagree on the ride in many different ways. If nobody remarked on their own experience, there would be nothing to discuss.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

I guess that's what you get with woodies, but that's a pretty quick turn around to go from good to bad in a week. My rides earlier in the month were pretty good.

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I was very surprised with how rough Shivering Timbers was. I have been riding it for many years, probably hundreds of times, and, Thursdays rides were the worst I have ever encountered on it. Though, the swoop turn, trick track, and final double helix, has always left some ruin. The only time it was butter smooth was in it's first year of operation.

As for the Wildcat, it is actually performing better than it was under the former owners. At one point there were 3 coasters that were on my "S" list, and those were Raging Wolf Bobs, Mean Streak, and Wildcat. Mean Streak still holds the crown as the worst piece of crap, ever. Thought the Villain at Geauga Lake wasn't that great either.

Another coaster that has ify moments is Blue Streak at Cedar Point. Though, when I rode it in 2010. It was pretty good, and lots of fun. Though, I think my ride on Mean Streak, was probably the worst ever. If I go to Cedar Point, I may try again. But, if I do, it will be the last ride of the night, so I don't walk around holding my back and my sides all day. Really hated it.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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