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Sunday, May 26, 2002 6:12 PM

Wow. I did not know one park could be transformed to the extent that Nichigan's Adventure has been over this past year. With some construction still left to go, the park looks absolutley incredible. We've got Snoopy and real merchandise now. The t-shirts, hats, and everything else looks great. Pretty much the entire park got a paint job. Many buildings have that blue-ish teal look to them and it actually brings some unity or continuity to the atmosphere of the place. Corkscrew now looks like one of the newest rides at the park (my friend actually thought it was !). Of course, with the good comes some of the eyesores, the signs, the completely serious ride ops, but I love the new look of the park. Onto the rides we go.......

I can't say anything more about the Timbers. If you love CCI, wooden coasters, or just plain old airtime, you have to ride this ride. IMO, the back is better for the "out" portion of the ride and the front is better for the "back" portion of the ride. Still running great. Only ride train op put unfortunate wait times for the Timbers, and the blue train is absolutely nowhere in sight. They could have used it today.

Please re-track the entire Wolverine Wildcat. The one new section of track after the second drop is so smooth compared tp last year that they need just re-track the whole thing! Running very well, smoother than last year.

The mice were very mad today as Mad Mouse was having CONSTANT problems. Cars kept bumping into each other on the final brake run giving one group of four a pretty bad jolt. The just kept re-setting it over and over again throughout the day.

As I have already said, the Corkscrew looks fabulous. The new station paint brings life to what I used to call "the basement". Really makes the park shine.

Zach's Zoomer was running fine. Saw a few ACErs there did anybody see me? I was wearing an SOB t-shirt. The ride ops were monitoring where the train was stopping on the brakes, so that ride must have been experiencing problems at the beginning of the day also.

Br-Bop Blvd. is ready to go. I saw cars cycling thourgh the ride, ST Chick was right, it will be up in a week.

Near mid-day, Ripcord was running. This actually looks pretty impressive, sitting there overlooking the lake. A few employees were handing out coupons for Ripcord, 10 bucks off, not too shabby. Unfortunately, none of my friends wanted to spend the money......

And finally, I have to give props to the greatest flat ride ever, the Falling Star. I have always loved lateral Gs, and this ride gives plenty of em to you. As you go up, you hit negative G while slamming into one side, and then you come up and over and slam back into the other side of the car on the way down. I have SO much fun on this ride. Please take a spin on this and try to lightly lift yourself as you come over so the nasty friction pad doesnt rip your pants and so you get more airtime. :)

I am very excited to see the development of this park in the coming years. I really hope they get some new rides, because it is a very long drive for the Timbers. Happy coasting.


Sunday, May 26, 2002 6:25 PM
good to know Ripcord is running I plan on riding it next time I get there in a week or so. Did you rid the bumper cars they were quite fun opening day? They pack quite a punch.

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Monday, May 27, 2002 9:29 AM
I actually thought that the Bumper Cars were weak. I think that is because I am used to getting jarred at this local place near my house called "Whirly Ball". Basically you have two teams that go around in bumper car/go karts and try to scoop up a ball and throw it at a score board to get a point. The place is kind of in shambles so the cars don't have much padding. You get ROCKED if you hit somebody. Bumper cars looked cool though.


Monday, May 27, 2002 12:12 PM


How many cars did the Dodgem's have? Just curious to see how many compared to how many there SHOULD be.

Take it from a Michigan's Adventure fan, our park kicks butt!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2002 5:21 PM

Oh a random guess myabe 12-15.

BTW, the go-karts weren't all that great. They were INCREDIBLY strict about everything. I understand that they need to be careful, but you really have no way to bump or "race" your friend. I do like how you sit down low just like a real race car driver. Just not worth my 5 bucks.

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