Michigan's Adventure from 8/7/05

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I have been trying to post this report for several days. For some reason my post keeps timing out.

Place: Michigan's Adventure 8/7/05

Weather: Sunny, 87 degrees, hot, humid, light breeze

Group: 3 adults 1 teenager.

I have been going to Michigan's Adventure for over 20 years..also when it was Deer Park Funland. It's also just 50 miles from my home!

Cedar fair has done a great job cleaning up the place. Even though they have been pretty cheap in the new ride department, they have probably invested heavy in scenery, and refurbishing. As the park looks better than it has in years.

The park was extremely busy on that hot Sunday afternoon. Most of the coasters had long waits. The shortest wait was for Shivering Timbers, which had a 45 minute wait. So, there would be no marathon rides on anything.

We rode a total of 6 rides in the amusement section of the park, and then only four more rides over in the water park, which was ten times busier then the amusement section. this included a 2 hour wait for the Funnel of Fear.

Best Rides: (Of what we had time to ride)

Shivering Timbers: I have ridden this coaster close to one hundred times since it opened, but, I have to say that this was the best ride I have had on ST in a long Time. Air on every hill, little roughness, and a very fast ride.

Funnel of Fear: Next to Shivering Timbers, this is probably the best ride in the park. It not only looks big and exciting, when you finally get to ride. It is so exciting. I wished I could do it all day. but, with a 2 hour wait...once was enough.

Adventure Falls: This is pretty much just a shoot the shoots. But, with a fully loaded boat, the falls makes one heck of a splash! And, on a 87 degree day, it was not only fun, it was very refreshing.

Since we didn't get to do to many rides in the park, I don't have much else to report. But, I do have to say that the park is very nice. The new changing areas for the water park are a nice change. And, the new entrance gates for the Parking lot look great.

Shivering Timbers still holds the number 1 spot on my wood coaster list. And, Funnel of Fear gets the number one spot for best water attraction.

The bumpercars were also fun, and we rode the parks giant wheel for over an hour, due to employee error! We also witnessed a lifeguard rescue a boy at one of the waterslides. But, it was pretty much just a very busy day.

Timber-Rider said:

The park was extremely busy on that hot Sunday afternoon. Most of the coasters had long waits. The shortest wait was for Shivering Timbers, which had a 45 minute wait. So, there would be no marathon rides on anything.

Am I reading this wrong, ST had the shortest wait? How does Corkscrew get a longer line?

I used to live in Michigan and I miss this park. I think I liked it better before CF took over, but then again I was young and it probably just seemed better because going there was our summer vacation.

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I know it sounds pretty crazy. And, I couldn't believe it either! So to give and idea of what the lines were like here's a short list.

Corkscrew: Full Que line, extending to the entrance. The first time I have ever seen this ride with all three que rows in use leading to up to the station. With only one train running, The line moves pretty slow probably over an hour wait.

Mad Mouse: Full Que in use again, with people waiting out of the que. Probably over an hour wait.

Wolverine Wildcat: Most Likely the longest line. With the Que line leading to the station Full all the way back to the Grill, with people waiting to get in the Que. Probably an hour and half to two hour wait. as it is also a one train coaster.

Loggers Run: again full que, with a line going back as far as Shivering Timbers.

The water park lines were double. There were just thousands of people. The busiest I have ever seen it at my home park. A very unusual day.

That's great to hear. Big crowds are just what that park needs. If they can get the people, they'll spend the money on the rides.

Thanks for the TR.

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Here's another short trip report from Michigan's Adventure. Boy am I jealous!!!!

I told one of my co-workers about my trip to Michigan's Adventure, as she was planning to take her family there. And, I expected to hear a similar report from her. but, when she returned I was surprised to hear that she had a much different trip.

She went to the park last Wednsday, 8/17/05. And, reported that the lines were short. She said that the 0nly ride that had a long wait was The Funnel of Fear. (1 hour) But, most of the rides in the amusement park had no lines!!!!!

She said they didn't even wait for Shivering Timbers, and only waited about 20 minutes for the Wildcat. But, were able to walk on every ride in the park!

She did say that the water park had long lines. But, other than the Funnel of Fear they were able to do the slides with very little wait. Making me wish I had gone with her!!!

She commented that she didn't like Shivering Timbers at all, and thought the wildcat was pretty much crap. But, this is coming from a woman who doesn't like rides. Her kids however, loved everything!!!

She said they all had a blast! What a difference!

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