Michigan's Adventure Deal

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I got this e-mailed to me today and I though I'd pass the info on to everyone. Kings Island has had a similar deal going on ever since they announced Diamondback.

Free admission now when you buy a new 2009 Season Pass!
Guests who visit Michigan's Adventure and purchase a new 2009 Season Pass will also receive a free ticket good for admission on the day of their visit. If you already have a season pass, renewals are also available at an even greater discount. Platinum passes include all Cedar Fair amusement parks and outdoor waterparks, as well as parking.

2009 Michigan's Adventure New-$84.95 Renew-$74.95

2009 Platinum JR/SR New-$89.95 Renew-$89.95

2009 Platinum New-$150.00 Renew-$140.00

Free ticket offer applies to new pass holders only. Passes must be purchased in person on a day the park is in operation. *** Edited 8/20/2008 3:47:30 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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I guess they didn't learn from all the people scalping them in front of Cedar Point last year.

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Or maybe they did. If you read the disclaimer at the bottom, it says that the free ticket is only for New Pass holders. You could still get a number of people showing up with their own tickets and do the same thing, but I'd guess that it won't be as much of a problem as it was last year. And even if they did still do that, I'd be Cedar Fair would be happy to have someone who will be going to the park more than once the next year.

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Ah, I missed that bit. Maybe they did indeed.

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