Michigan’s Adventure closes water park following state order

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Barely two weeks after partially reopening to the public, following an extended shutdown against the coronavirus pandemic, Michigan's Adventure will be forced to once again close its water park following a new executive order limiting outdoor and recreational activity.

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It appears they are not actually closing. Or they'll at least put up a fight.


Numbers are going to continue to fluctuate no matter what we do and no business can operate being told they can open and then being told to shut down two weeks later. Unless they are finding outbreaks originating from the park specifically I don't see the point in shutting it down. An outdoor waterpark only has about 4 weeks left for a normal operating season anyway and in case the governors making these decisions hadn't noticed the fewer options you give people for entertainment the more people there are likely to be crowded into any open place for entertainment. People who would have been at the water park will now go to any open splash pad or beach or all crowd together at that one neighbor's house that has the big pool. We just can't function as a society not knowing from one week to the next what the governor is or is not going to allow us to do.

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If people can reliably social distance, I imagine water parks would be relatively safe. But I see how kids interact in my neighborhood, and I'm immediately skeptical. This could be another one of those things where if people were doing the work, we wouldn't even have to debate this.

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Paisley said:

People who would have been at the water park will now go to any open splash pad or beach or all crowd together at that one neighbor's house that has the big pool.

I've tried to make this argument to some "nobody should leave their house" crowd that say things like "Disney has blood on their hands for opening and should be held accountable for all of the needless death they will cause. I hope next time they are forced to close they close forever" (former co-worker, didn't know him well, but I'm sure he's a blast at parties). All of these open parks are providing a safe form of recreation for folks that may otherwise choose to meet up with friends or gather in public settings where there are no restrictions.

By taking the risk to open there's a chance they may actually do more good than harm, despite what alarmists may think. There's absolutely zero science to back this up. But it certainly stands to reason there is at least a pocket of park guests that will not take part in a risky, restriction-free gathering because they've instead decided to go to a park.

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I suspect it may be hard for some people to really rank the relative risk. I saw at least two or three articles in the last week, for example, that attribute many of the spikes in infection (and subsequently hospitalization and death) not to large gatherings or public activity, but private gatherings of families and their indoor socialization without mitigation. Honestly, if you would have told me that kind of family gathering was riskier than going to WDW in March, I would have been skeptical to say the least. But here we are, with more information, and it's probably true.

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People will let their guards down more with friends and family, in my opinion. We just assume those we know are safe. As much as we may like or love them we don't know how they are behaving when they are not with us. I haven't seen my mother in person since March, and she lives 15 minutes from me. I think she understands I've been coming to work this entire time and I'm being exposed to others. I'm going all the right things, but you cannot blame her for not wanting to take chances.

I saw a story about Michigan's Adventure and was expecting to see a post by Timber Rider. What ever happened to that guy?

He turned around and went home when he saw he had to park mid-Timbers and there was no new giga coaster

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Timber Rider should be happy. Michigan’s Adventure finally got a new addition in 2020 - COVID 19. Oh, and it will quickly transferred to Dorney.

Say his name three times. Do it.
And not to worry, he’s busy on FB- same stories, same complaints.
But recently he did a weekend at the campgrounds and CP and said he had a good time. Maybe it was the tightie whitey Twister.

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