Michigan's Adventure, August 11th

First timer here to Michigan's Adventure and it was an overall alright to good experience. I'm probably just too spoiled from Cedar Point...

Got to the park around 12 and went to the water park first. The water park is just an alright water park overall. It could use some upgrading for sure. Was in the water park for probably 2 to 3 hours. The best slide for sure is the toilet bowl one. On one body slide, I ran into someone else that seemed to be just sitting in the middle of the slide! Strange... We rode pretty much every slide in the park with minimal waits.

We did get lunch in the water park. Got a corn dog basket for about 5.95 but then got a water bottle which costed more than half of the meal! CF needs to change their beverage prices as they are very high.

After the water park we headed into the amusement park. Rode the log flume first. It was nice to ride a classic flume... Next we did Corkscrew and waited maybe 15 minutes. They were running only one train, which I think in the case of it being a Saturday in August they should have had one more train running. Next we walked over to Thunder hawk and did that. They were running two trains and waited maybe ten minutes. This boy was pretty rough I got to say! Didn't enjoy my ride too much... Next we rode Grand Rapids and waited about 20 minutes. Good theming and a good ride, besides me being freezing after riding it.

After this we headed over to the "signature" ride Shivering Timbers and waited probably 10 minutes. Boy, was this ride awful. It was the most painful coaster I have ever been on. I couldn't wait for it to be over. After this we headed over to Coasters and got some dinner and then left.

Overall, the park is alright. It is nice the water park and amusement park are included together in admission. The water park could use some updates and I would say Soak City at CP is a much better water park minus them not having the toilet bowl ride... The amusement park needs smoother coasters. All of them caused a pretty good number of pain. They need a nice new steel coaster in the park.

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Parker123 said:

They need a nice new steel coaster in the park.

Can someone please help me get these worms back in the can?

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This cat in this bag will take care of them if I let it out.

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That would be more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

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Comments on your trip report. Other than the tired comedy routine.

Corkscrew is a one train coaster, as is the Wildcat. Actually 15 minutes is not bad at all, as the line for corkscrew can be up to 30 minutes to an hour, and the Wildcat can be as long as 2 hours. Neither worth it. I don't think they will add another train to Corkscrew, but, if they do not do something with the Wildcat with the current attendance the wait will only get worse.

As for running into someone in the water slide, that happened to me once. It was one of the older body slides, and there was not enough water on the slide to give me enough momentum to keep me moving, so I had to use my hands to push myself forward, I think it was my swimsuit. Anyways, I just cleared the end of the trough, when I heard "LOOK OUT!!" and my sister came flying over the top of my head as I hit the water. You can blame the uninterested teens working the slides for that. In other words, stop checking out the babes, and do your job!!

I also agree with you on their food prices. It's just ridiculous how much they charge. Even a smoothie is over $9.00. A cheeseburger meal is around $14.00 with a drink, which would be ok if it was remotely edible. It's somewhat better than what the Jourden's offered, but not by much for about 5 times the price.

Sad to hear your opinion of Timbers and Thunderhawk. They are really the only reason why I would even bother to visit.

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