Michigan's Adventure 8/17/02

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This trip was AWESOME. My first trip to MIA ever. I like it alot.

We left New Buffalo, MI at about 11:00 becuase my friend had furniture delivered to her house and her parents originally had to wait until 1:30 pm. But we had her grandma come and wait for it. So we left for MIA. We arrived at about 1:50 pm. The people at the parking lot told us that it's really slow for a saturday and that all the rides were running and open except for Rip Cord becuase of the wind. Which was ok. It was me, my friend Julia, her parents, and her sister Melanie. We parked and ran to the entrance with our swimsuits on and clothes over them. Now on to the Coasters.

Julia and I immediatley ran for Shivering Timbers.

Shiver Timbers 10/10- The best wooden roller coaster I have ever been on and a new one added to my track record. :) The wait was about 10 mintues. It was awesome. By the way on the turn around if you look towards the parking lot you can see land development. I saw three small things sticking out of the "Sand" type looking ground. Does anyone know anything? A new coaster?

Wolverine Wildcat 5/10- A little disapointing but an "ok" ride. They need to get another train. The line moves too slow even though we only wait about 7 or 8 mintues. I like the layout but it needs to be improved.

Corkscrew- 7/10 This is my first "Corkscrew" clone. It was ok. It wasn't a headbanger that's for sure. I like the colors the park chose to paint it. From it's old white color.

Zach's Zoomer- 6/10- A good kiddie ride, lol. I liked it. You get quite a bit of airtime on it. It sure thrills kids.

Big Dipper- 3/10- Just another kiddie coaster. Nothing Special.

Mad Mouse-9/10- WOW. I have never been on a Wild Mouse before I must say it was pretty thrilling. Waited about 4 mintues.

Overall I can say that from the old descriptions of this park Cedar Fair did an awesome job fixing it up over the last off-season. It looks good. From what I have heard it used to be dirty. Can anyone fill me in on this parks history?

We left at about 8:00 pm. Got home at 11:00 Michigan Time which is 10:00 Michigan City, IN time.

Ride Count

Shivering Timbers- 4 Laps

Wolverine Wildcat- 2 Laps

Corkscrew- 4 Laps

Zach's Zoomer- 1 Lap

Mad Mouse- 1 Lap

Big Dipper- 2 Laps

Overall I was really impressed with this Medium sized park.:)

What you saw in the sand were concrete posts for the new entrance booths. No longer will our fearless parking attendants have to stand out in the rain to take money. ;)

I wouldn't say the park was dirty, just not up to Cedar Fairs standards on overall cleanliness. It was clean before, just not AS clean if you know what I mean. The park was originally called Deer Park(they were a petting zoo type park) and was purchased by Roger Jourdan in 1968. He then added the name Funland to the original park name. Mr. Jourdan raised his children in the park and began to develop it into a fairly decent amusement park. There used to be many more trees at the park, but in May of '99 a storm came through and proceeded to flatten many of the existing trees in the park(and around the rest of western michigan for that matter). In May of '01 Cedar Fair purchased the park and subsequently sunk a little over 6 million into the park resulting in 7 rides and attractions. Landscaping has become a priority as well, hence the many comments you hear others retorting about how "dirty" the park used to be and now how "clean" it is. If you want an inventory of when the coasters were added to the park I'd recommend looking at rcdb.com and doing a search for michigan's adventure. I'm glad you enjoyed your day at our little park and hope you come back again. :)

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Thanks, one more thing. What about Corkscrews new color scheme when did they do that?
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That color scheme is new this year.

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Glad to hear you had a good time. Our park will continue to receive the Cedar Fair face-lift. (Trees, flowers, new paths, and if we are lucky mabey something new in the thrill department)

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Glad you enjoyed your day at MA, I was there on Sat 8/17 also. My day was one of the worst I have ever had at an amusement park.

Line Jumping was rampant and I felt as if I was being patronized by the staff when I went to guest relations.

The funny thing was Sunday 8/18/02 seemed very crowded and we didn't experience any line jumping (though we only rode 5 rides).

That's great. A saturday with 10 min wait for Timbers. Mia sounds great.


I was there Saturday too, it was really windy. The lines really got short though once the sun came out and alot of people went over to the waterpark. Good TR.

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