Michigan's Adventure 8/1/09

I decided to hit MiAdventure while I was visiting Grand Haven. Luck would have that the park was scheduled to be open until 10pm. I thought I would finally get my night ride on Shivering Timbers.

I arrived at the park around 7:30pm. The parking attendant simply waved me through. They did not ask for a fee or to look at my CP Platinum Pass. I quickly headed to Shivering Timbers and took one lap. Still a great ride. I headed over to Wolverine Wildcat. Still fun just a little bumpy. At 9pm I was in line for Thunderhawk. The wait was a bit long due to only running one train. This also is a fine ride. At 9:45pm I arrived at Shivering Timbers and was denied entry.

It turns out that MiAdventure has a "hard" 10pm close. I was not aware of this policy. Apparentely it is posted in the park brochure. I've never looked at that brochure due to the intimate size of the park. The park is very easy to navigate.

This afternoon I had a very plesant voice mail exchange with the park GM. It was explained to me that the "hard" close is a park policy. The policy was put into place due to some labor laws in regards to the younger park workers. This policy was put into place during the Deer Acres years.

What sucks is that this is the first time in memory where I have seen a scheduled 10pm close for this park. My sole purpose was to get that elusive night ride on Shivering Timbers. I have nothing negative to say about my 2.5 hrs at the park. I just wish I would have been aware of this policy. For the record, this park looks great at night. Its nice to see lights on Shivering Timbers and the other flat attractions. Hopefully the 10pm close on Saturday's will return next year. Apparently there are only four or five Saturday's this year when the park closes at 10pm.

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If they are going to close lines early, they shouldn't say they are closing at 10. They should say they close at 9:30 or 9:45. Did you notice if there was a line at 9:45? If there was no line than it makes no sense to close the line early since that would have been plenty of time to be out of the ride before 10.

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I have made a couple trips to MiA this year and while riding ST have experienced some repeated slam or jolting right at the bottom of the first drop. I have experienced this with both trains but it is worse toward the center and back of the trains. I still love the ride but this issue has definitely taken away some of my enjoyment of the ride for me.
Have you noticed or experienced any of this?

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