Michigan's Adventure 6/18

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Friday, July 12, 2002 6:33 PM

From CP we drove to Michigan's Adventure. This park has a most unusual layout being more or less layed out in a series of rectangles like city streets. Easy to get around in, but not very esthetic. Cedar Fair has planted a lot of trees that should eventually help the appearance.

Shivering Timbers was as good as advertised. In addition to it's great air, it had nice lateral forces on the turn around and a pretty good helix at the end. I'm not generally a fan of large woodies, but this coaster is terrific. I just hope that CF takes good care of this wonder.

Wolverine Wildcat was a stark contrast. Despite some obvious recent retracking, this was the roughest woodie that I have ever ridden. The ride was pounding to the point of considerable pain. It was so bad in the back that I figured the front must be better. Unfortunately, I was wrong and the front was just as bad. This ride didn't offer too much in exchange for the pain either.

Zack's Zoomer was a nice junior woodie, though not quite as good as the John Allen mini=masterpieces at PKI and PKD.

Corkscrew was an typical Arrow corkscrew. Nothing exiciting, but not a head pounding as some.

The mouse was OK, but not as good as some other modern mice, especially Hershey's which is my reference standard.

I was surprised to see a beaver swimming in one of ponds at the park. Certainly different from your standard carp and ducks in park ponds.

Overall, a park with one of the world's best woodies, but not a lot to offer coaster enthusiasts otherwise. If you are in this area of the country though, it's worth the trip for ST alone. The park was spotlessly clean and well run. I even saw one employee carefully polishing the water spouts on the sinks in the mens room. I suspect though that with Cedar Fair ownership we can expect lots of improvements in the years to come.

Friday, July 12, 2002 8:02 PM
Good TR, glad you had a good time. I agree with you on Michigans Adventure it is really a odd layout for a themepark.

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Saturday, July 13, 2002 5:55 AM
Nice TR

-Sean Newman
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