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Sunday, June 17, 2001 7:40 PM
We arrived at the park at 2 and went right to the Timbers, great rides. I rode in the last car, front and back row, and the very front. The back is a little more rough on the turnaround and especially on the helix. The front is still smoothe when going through those great lateral elements. Still the amazing, stand up airtime that I remembered.
Flat Rides-
I just love Chaos, everybody has to ride it. They run this one a lot longer than at Cedar Point, because there is usually nobody waiting to ride it. The Falling Star ride, eventhough it as at most in town carnivals, is a blast. I was catching some serious zero-g and great lateral action! Also rode the tilt-a-whirl, (small but long ride) Ferris Wheel, and the Flying Trapeeze. My ride bro and his girlfriend got very sick on the Flying Trapeeze(rotating swings), I was suprised.
Other coasters-
The corkscrew is smoother than I remembered it, very good, for an old timer Arrow. Not the biggest, but has some great nostalgia value. The Zach's Zoomer op was great, I regret not getting her name. Two rides on this kiddie CCI, great to chill out on. Alos rode the Big Dipper just to kid around, I just had to get a feel for what Chance has to offer for kids.
Some more Timbers-
While my comrades were recovering from their incident on the flying swings, I took a few more spins on the Timbers. For some reason, I was getting a bad headache, only after riding. My headache would go away when riding then come back, but nothing could stop me from riding this masterpiece! I think that the front seat is best for going "out", but the back seat is better for going "back". Just for the record, the wait fluctuates on this ride later in the day, because people leave the waterpark. I don't know why, but people just stand on the platform when tons of seats are open! I don't care though.
Cedar Fair's impact and such-
The season pass process was quick and efficient, although the lady doing my season pass couldn't quite seem to spell my street name right eventhough I spelled it out for her. I do see that some new landscaping is already being implemented in certain places. On the park maps, it says that there is a train ride coming soon in the northeast corner of the park, right next to Adventure Falls. Could this be the place to start future expnasion? I really saw no signs whatsoever of new rides though. I expect to wait a year or two until something new is put in. I had a great, if short, time at Michigan's Adventure!

Shivering Timbers- for the love of Michigan's Adventure, just ride it.
Sunday, July 1, 2001 3:07 PM
Nice TR, glad you had fun, i hope that in the future this will become one of the CF flagship parks.

Ozzfest 2001: The greatest show on earth!

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