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A brief report here...I stopped by to replace my season's pass (which was stolen along with my entire wallet--another long story) and took a few laps on Timbers. Very Nice! I noticed it was much faster than in May. But i was too hot to take more laps (for me) and did not have a swimsuit with me to hit the water park. But, it was still a fun hour or so!


I was there Monday. Had a great day. Got many laps in on Shivering Timbers and even spent a little time at the water park. It was hot. Shivering Timbers was extremely fun. It's hard to believe that one ride can have so much air time! I'm glad I live near it.
I am glad you got some laps in! Many people just do not know how great this coaster is. And the whole park has improved, as well.

Just don't expect a "thrill park" and expect a "family park" and Timbers WILL amaze you! :)


Why Shivering Timbers is SO highly rated I fail to see. If you really want airtime you should try the Phoenix at Knoebels or come over her to the UK and ride The Grand National at Blackpool Pleasure Beach - both rides are airtime heaven!!!!
Bellagio, I have not ridden nearly as many coasters as the majority of people here, so maybe that's why I like Shivering Timbers so much. It's 15 minutes away from my home. Sorry if I haven't made the trip over to the UK just to ride Grand National. I'm sure it's great.
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Although the Legend and Raven have moved Timbers down to 3rd in my favorite wood coasters, I still love Timbers and the airtime it provides. Just because some people don't consider it the best, doesn't mean it's not a great, airtime filled ride.

As ERR said, many of us do not have the luxury of travelling all over the US and world to ride some of the other great coasters. And many who do still place Timbers in their top 10 woodies. It must have SOMETHING going for it, even if you don't understand.
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What ever happened to just RIDING coasters for the fun of it?

Why rank each one?

Nothing happened to it El Gato, that's what this is all about. Compredae?


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