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Tuesday, June 1, 2004 11:04 PM
Well on my way up to my annual fishing trip to Ludington MI, I stopped at MIA with my son,our 8th diferent amusement park this year. After getting up at 5:20am and getting on the raod by 6 and a three hour drive we arrive at the park. The first thing you see is the massive hills of Shivering Timbers. My heart was racing seeing this coaster and knowing I was about to get my first ride on it that I've been wanting since it opened in1998.

Use our KBF season passes to get our tickets, Cedar Fair really needs to update the way season passes are accepted. Start walking towards ST and we were stopped by the chained off section. So we stand in line with about maybe 50 grade school kids on a feild trip. Then the chains drop and everyone walks to the ride. "NO RUNNING" was yelled out alot and everyone listened to it. We waited two trains for the front seat, board the train and we are off. Up the first hill (125ft) and we're off. I could not beleive the airtime you get in the FRONT! The angle you go back up the rest of the hills is insane. On the way back the trick track is a really fun element (can really hurt if your not ready for it). What I really like about this ride was the constant speed up and over the hills. Got off and and walk around and rode the back right away. Let me tell you the backs airtime is out of this world. Also the first drop took me by surprise as you are thrust over this hill and almost ripped out of your seat. ST just made my top 5 woodies (sorry Viper SFGAm your #6 now). ST was my sons 80th coaster and after the other 5 he's at 85 just before he turns 8.

Next up was Wolverine Wildcat and this woodie was OK, nothing really to write home about except the camel hill in the back seat was awesome. It willl definatly bruse you thighs getting thrown up into the lap bars. Rode the Sea Dragon and Logger's Run and Corkscrew was next. Not a real headbanging coaster as most like this usually are, but not a bad ride just waaaay to short.

The Mad Mouse had barely any line but took forever to load and unload due to fact that some of the waterparks lifeguards were also ride opps for the day since they were short handed. I have never been on this type of mouse and it was alot of fun.

Now to the kiddie coasters. The Big Dipper, man is this rough. I can see many young kids banging their heads on this steel kiddie coaster. Zach's Zoomer is one great wooden kiddie coaster. For being small it packs one heck of a punch.

Well all the coasters are done and many rerides on them and many flats ridden, we were done and the park was closing. A couple of things I liked about this park was how well maintained it was (paint and very clean). The selection of rides was good, not great but a great start to bigger park in the future. The games wer also a great deal at $1.00 and $2.00 for all of them, not the $3.00 we have all grown to hate. Te bad about the park was layot was horrid. It's a big L and maks for a lot of walking back andforth. The food was way to expensive for a small park like this, $8.00 for a hotdog meal with Macaroni salad (NO FRIES) and a drink ( OUCH).

I decided to stop on monday on the way home for a couple of hours and what a great decision this was. Got there around 12:30 and only to find about 30 cars in the parking lot. Went on every coaster at least 3 times and many flats and left aroun 4:00.

Thanks for reading,

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The Golden Rule - Try it once and if you don't like you don't have to go on again!
Wednesday, June 2, 2004 10:38 AM
Glad you had a good time :) It's a fun little park.

How are the swan boats set up? Are they free to travel over the lake, or are they fairly limited in where they can go?

Wednesday, June 2, 2004 1:17 PM
the swan boats are only able to trale about a little less than half of the lake, but its still a very large area, the bad news however is that ALL riders HAVE to where one of those orange life jackets, not just kids. This is apparently because the lake's depth is uneven.
Wednesday, June 2, 2004 10:07 PM
Yea I would say you can go around 1/3 of the lake. You also can get pretty wet with the two fountains out there. They only allow you 5 minutes on the swans at a time.
The Golden Rule - Try it once and if you don't like you don't have to go on again!

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