Michigan's Adventure (06-07-05)

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Well, I had nothing better to do today, so I decided to hit up the closest park to my house. I ended up pulling into the lot around 12:50, and I bought a parking pass because I figure I'll get my moneys worth out of it.

After parking, I went in, and quickly got my ticket from Guest Services (CP Pass) and then headed into the park. I got 4 laps on a 1 train op Timbers. It was full of stupid kids though, so I went and rode Wolverine Wildcat. I love those D&S masterpieces.

After that it was off to catch a ride on the Falling Star. I missed the ride last year during Timbersfest since it was down. Good ride, as always.

Then I caught a ride on the Mad Mouse, and then headed over, and got a solo ride on Zachs Zoomer. Then I decided to take a break as it was about 3:30. I went to the shoreline and the State Park for awhile, and walked the Muskegon Lake Channel Pier. I got some lunch, and came back to the park about 5:00.

The last 2 hours I marathoned on Timbers, getting almost every other train for awhile. Lots of good times. I was the last one into the queue at 7, and I ended up with a solo ride on Timbers as well.

All in all a good day. I think I ended with about 15-17 laps on Timbers.

I noticed she was running kinda slow during the afternoon, but had sped up pretty well by evening. Still not as good as she has in the past, especially during ERT last year at Timbersfest.

At least the trip got me psyched up for Timbersfest.

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