Michigan's Adventure- Opening Day- 05/23/02

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Hey everybody,

Well, I know I said I wasn't going, but hey, I DID! Here's my trip report: First ride of the day was Zach's Zoomer, front seat. Yeah! That's got to have a faster lift, because I actually got airtime on the first turnaround!

Be-Bop Blvd. is near done, but they won't be done soon. Maybe middle June.

Corkscrew's lookin good. Yellow station, arc entrance, new colors, and a red/orange stripe train. very cool. Go-Karts sitting behind them in the "Michigan's Adventure Race Park"

Nothing new on the Mad Mouse midway. Old stuff.

Dodgems should get more cars. There were five cars out when I rode. But the yellow and red building is very nice.

Thunderbolt didn't give much of a popularity today. Probably cause the radio wasn't working.

Wildcat, what can I say about that, oh yeah, its a lot smoother now than last year.

Shivering Timbers was the best though. My first ride (after coasterphobia) on this mammoth beast. I LOVE THOSE DROPS! Hands up all the time. (Oh yeah, I saw this person that kept going on the ride a million times, then "OMG! That's Kara!"

My worst experience today was getting stuck on Mad Mouse. Yep. Got stuck outside the station AGAIN!

As for opening day photos, I might have them tomorrow at http://photos.yahoo.com/crcdundee2002

Take it from a Michigan's Adventure fan, our park kicks butt!!!

Ya, I saw her riding it quite a few times also, but then agin so was I.

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

Wow, am I that scary that no one will say hey? What's wrong with you people...we're supposed to be a family! Hehe

Kara (car-uh)
423 Laps
"Are you sure you don't work here?"

Next time I see you the first thing I'll say is hi.

“If you give a enthusiast a footer.......He’ll want a coaster!!!"

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