Michigan's Adventure - 7/23/03

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*edit - this was actually Tuesday, July 22, not the 23rd....

The second park of three in a weekend of coasters and robots. You may have noticed that this is after the weekend. Due to illness and weather predictions, the second half of the trip was pushed back from Sunday and Monday to Tuesday and Wednesday.

As we cleared the trees, I beheld the mammoth that is Shivering Timbers. The pictures made it look big, but I never really realized how big it really was.

The first thing inside the park I noticed was the fact that all the midways and buildings looked new. I don't know if everything was redone for the Cedar Fair purchase or if they just keep everything up, but it all looked really nice. There was just a lack of trees...

We went to Shivering Timbers first and again found a rather small wait. We went front first and found lots of air and a great view. I personally prefer twisted layouts however...but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

The Timbertown Train gave us good views and commentary likely to be heard on the Paddleboat Excursions at CP: "And to your right you'll see wildflowers and weeds...lots of wildflowers and weeds..."

Wolverine Wildcat actually had a longer wait than ST, but it was good. A dip should have been in the pre-lift tunnel, but thats okay. Good air on the bunny hops and a nice view of the rest of the park.

ST in the middle and back proved to be not quite as good as the front, being rougher in the turnaround and helix...but much more air (and rougher landings at the bottom of the drops). Just for the record, I am predicting that a Top Spin by the name of Buzzsaw will be added to the nice lawn in front of Shivering Timbers sometime in the near future ;-)

The Tilt-a-Whirl gave us a better spin that the one at Holiday World did, and I was glad to see its 100th anniversary is coming up soon...not real soon, but soon. Maybe a supersized Tilt-a-Whirl is in the works!

Mad Mouse was my first Arrow mouse and it was a pleasant surprise. Not quite as good a Reverchon Spinning Mouse though.

Then we quickly hit the Corkscrew and Zach's Zoomer (which I would love to have in my backyard....I barely fit my legs into it though!) before the rains came. We were headed for ST and were by Dodgem, so we ducked into line and took a ride while the skies opened up. The walkway between Dodgem and the lake completely flooded...it was at least ankle deep for a while. Unfortunately a few stray lighting strikes shut down everything for the next hour and a half, which ended our day there. Some inconveniences at the Snoopy Boutique placed a sour note on the experience, but getting my picture with Snoopy and Charlie Brown almost made up for it.

As we passed that giant wall of wood one more time, we said goodbye to Michigan's Adventure, vowed to return one day, and headed on our way to the great land that is Sandusky.


"And we are now passing under Millennium Force, which, with the arrival of Top Thrill Dragster, is now...just blue."
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Nice tr. Shivering Timbers is an awesome site as you pull up to the park. It is just so big!

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You were there the day after I was. The mad mouse they have is the smoothest Arrow mouse I have ever been on. I am glad to see you didn't go on the swings, they are nauseating! I made that mistake and just gave up and went home afterwards. They made me so sick I couldn't go on ST anymore.

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