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We got to the park at 9:45, and we lined up for the sprint of glory to Shivering Timbers. It didn't look busy because it was 6 people lined up for the sprint. That's a good thing! It was 70 degrees and 1/4 clouds with about a 5-10 mph breeze, and I thought more people would show up. I met a fellow coasterbuzzer who's username is ShiveringTimbers getting ready for the sprint. Hello, whatever your real name is!

We ran to Shivering Timbers, and it was down. It was Wildcat twice instead!

Wildcat is a lot more fun than the other Dinntastic ride I've ridden before. That'd be Mean Streak, and which it's not that tough to be more fun than. Wildcat only runs one train, and that makes lines rediculous on a busy day. Today was the opposite. I got two rides on it in no wait at all.

Shivering Timbers was now opened. Boy, was it humming down the track. It had so much air, and it was crazy fast. I rode back right, the best spot on it.

After that, I was ready to return to my younger days and ride the park's Ace Coaster Classic, Zach's Zoomers. It was more fun than Woodstock at KI, but the restraints hurt my knees. It's a great kids ride, but not my type. It used to have more air time when I was a shorter fellow.

Thunderhawk was my next appoitment. It was nice and fast, but a little bumpy for a steel coaster. There's not much to say; it's a Vekoma SLC. I then rode the dry water ride, Hydro Blaster. It's a nice ride, so don't miss it.

Next, since it was 12 o'clock, waterpark time was next. Since the weather was nice, I was fearing ridiculous waterpark lines. That wasn't the case, but as I've mentioned before, getting wet isn't my thing. I rode Snake Pit, the dark tower slides, and hummed through the tunnel, but got drenched. That was my waterpark time.

Next was the Thunderhawk again. Then it was the train. The train at MA is so lame. It's like a mini train. I love trains, but this one this one there was no pictures, so it was useless. Oh, well.

Corkscrew was next. It was a walk on. I didn't bump my head this time! :-)

Next was Thunderhawk again, and then it was Grand Rapids. I was testing the Timber-rider poor loading idealization. It is a correct. The ladies loading the ride were too busy trying to make cool noises through their microphones to care about loading the rafts. I was hoping to not get too wet, and it was a succsess!

Next was the kid's coaster Little Dipper, and the log ride. The log ride is a water ride that doesn't get you wet. That's a plus.

I rode Mad Mouse next and realized that the parking was to mid-mouse. I hadn't had to wait more than 1 minute so far, so I concluded it wasn't a suprise. Then I road Shivering Timbers 5 times, Mad Mouse twice, and Loggers Run three times after my first run on the Mad Mouse.

After that, it was time to glide! Lakeside Gliders were fun, and then I rode the Be Bop Bolevard. I got to honk the horn!

Next was some more water attractions. I rode the Lazy River and Mine Shaft. Mine Shaft is by far the best water ride in the park.

Then it was Thunderhawk and Shivering Timbers again.

I overall had a great day! 31 rides, on 7 hours, but with tons of breaks. My biggest advice about Michigan Adventures is to get your ice cream in a bowl. You get more! The second biggest advice is to hit the water park right when the water park opens for the shortest lines. The park is nice and relaxing for me because there is no need for hurrying. I get to go there a lot, so I don't need to ride all the rides I feel like I have to ride, but this time I rode everything I wanted to do without hurrying! Fun day!

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Sounds like you had a better time than I did. I went back to the park again today, and I felt like I spent my Saturday with Dr. Jeckle, and today, I got grabbed by Mr. Hyde, and he beat the crap out of me.

I also thought about going on the Be Bop ride, but, it's kinda lame, as you really don't even need to steer the cars, as they move forward anyways. It's not any where near as fun as the Mutley's Putt Putt's Antique car ride they used to have before it got destroyed by a storm. I certainly would not wait to ride it.

I did take a quick ride on the Grand Carousel, has to be the slowest moving carousel I have ever been on. I rode on the Ostrich, but, only because I didn't see the reindeer a few horsies back. Just rode for a little nostalgia, though the ride itself is fairly new.

I was very shocked by how Shivering Timbers was running today. Just wondering if you noticed how rough it was? When I rode it on Saturday, it was a bit rough, but only in a few spots. But, today, it was awful from start to finish on every ride. The usual brutal spots were just horrible 10 fold of what they usually are, though it did seem to be running very fast.

I wonder if they rotate the wheels on the trains? I just can't figure out why you can have a day of amazing rides, and then just feel like you need to see a nurse and have a doctor examine your back the next. It's just weird.

Glad you had a good time.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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