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(edit: Adding date: 8/19/03)

I'm sure you've all had enough MiA trip reports, so I'll be brief... I just had to share the best ride of my life :D

I just had my best coaster ride ever today. Shivering Timbers was fantastic... seat 1.2 on the green train was pure bliss. Excluding the lift hill, I think I literally spent around 1/3 of the time gently floating in the air. I've enjoyed the ride every other time I've ridden, but this was... undescribeable. Floater air on every hill out, and ejector air on almost every hill on the way back.

Wildcat seemed much faster as well... I don't know if it was the late summer heat, or what. Unfortunately, it's still rough, especially in the back. The last 1/4 of the ride was fairly good though.

Decided to try the train next to Timbers. Hopefully got some decent pics of ST. Unfortunately, that train badly needs some new bearings or similar repairs. First half of the ride was okay (maybe it was focusing on ST that helped) but seemed very short. Around the halfway point the train started squealing loud enough to wake the dead (the tunnel was even worse). The second half seemed to last 5 miles as the sound dug furrows on your eardrums. I got off with eardrums ringing and begged the ride op to grease it; she said they grease it weekly and it starts squealing within days...? I thought this was a new ride :(

As always, the waterpark was fun and cooling... I just wish it had closed a little later than 6pm.

Overall, a very fun experience. The park seems a little small after 5 summer visits, but ST never fails to impress :) Here's hoping they can match it with more additions to the park soon.
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