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For the first time since Cedar Fair purchased Michigan's Adventure, I actually heard a radio spot on WWJ in Detroit. I don't believe it was a Cedar Fair sponsored commercial, but part of a "Come to Muskegon" campaign. I've heard other commercials focusing on the beaches along Lake Michigan, the dunes, and camping, but this particular one focused on Michigan's Adventure, the "six roller coasters" and the water park.

It will be interesting to see if this has any effect on MiA's attendance this year.

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Michigan's Adventure has had radio adds on in Michigan for quite some time. I hear them a lot when I am driving to work in my car. But, I think the one you are talking about is something new that Michigan's Adventure, and the state of michigan are promoting to bring toursists to Michigan. Something about it being aired all over the midwest states.

I hate the new Michigan's Adventure televsion commercial. The new jingle is just annoying. I like the old jingle better. But, I also liked the deer park funland jingle...so I might warm up to it.

I also work for Meijer, and we have Michigan's Adventure add spots, playing every hour in our store. Mainly promoting discount ticket prices for both Michigan's Adventure and Cedar Point. Not much of a discount...I think $1.50 off Michigan's adventure. Not sure about Cedar Point.

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Speaking of MiA... I'm heading there tomorrow... how is Timbers running this year? I haven't seen any TR's yet.

Josh M.

Shivering Timbers is running great as always. Hope you hve a good time.

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