MIA 05,19,07

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The park was really clean. The new 3 point challenge was fun and I made zero shots:) Shivering Timbers was smoother then ever an their were some new buildings. The place was busy, and had a nice crowd. The whole atmosphere was really welcoming and peaceful.Corkscrew had a nice hum to it which it hasn’t had in the past. The day was nice even though I wasn’t their long!

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I was there also. Got to the park right at 11am and went to the Season Pass office to get processed. There were about 20 or so in line. It only took about 1/2 hr max so that was good. Got my Cedar Fair Maxx pass and it DOES show the picture on the pass. I'd read other posts here saying theirs did not. The pass looks like a regular MiA pass, but has a Maxx stamp in the lower right.

The park was running great. Other than a few ops that were showing it was their first day, everything was running great. I didnt think it was busy or crowded at all. Parking lot didnt even have cars past the Mad Mouse in the lot when I left at 3pm. Maybe it got busy later. There was Rock the Coast going on this weekend.

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