MiA - Closing Weekend - 9/14/03

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Here's the summary folks, don't want to make it too long...

-Videotaping ALL day (I'll put the video up once I find out how to hook my camera up to my PC)
-10 laps on ST (hey, I wasn't feeling too good!)
-1 Wildcat (ultra smooth, best ride on that yet)
-1 Falling Star (of course, my favorite flat outside of Drummer Boy, which they wouldn't let me on)
-1 ZZoomer (they don't like the fact that I have to sit sideways to fit because I'm tall!)

If anyone saw me, or may have seen me, here's what I was wearing:
-Blue Jean Shorts
-CP T-shirt (the skyline one)
-Panasonic Video Camera with black bag
-MF Blue "Michigan's Adventure - Established 1956" hat

Wahhhh, the offseason is here for me!

111 Laps - A Timbers Wannabe

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