MI Adventure 07/04/07

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I arrived at MI Adventure around 4:45pm. The park was a ghost town. Even the water park was empty.

Every ride was a walk-on. Timbers is starting to show that it needs some attention. Of course the rides in the front were fine, the rides in the back were very unpleasant. I believe I took about 6 laps on Timbers. I also took multiple laps on Wolverine Wildcat. I still find this to be an enjoyable ride. For that matter I hit every ride at least once. I thought that the Corkscrew was very uncomfortable. I wonder if my height of 6'2 has anything to do with that?

I was very happy to see that the park is still very clean and that the maintenance crew seems to be on top of things.

I was dissapointed by a ride-op at Falling Star. The ride-op did not appear to care that they were working.

I had dinner at Coasters and came across a clerk at the register who was sitting on the silver railings behind the register...but even better...after I sat down...she left her register drawer open and turned her back to it. Was she just hoping that someone would steal?

My visit lasted all of 3.5 hours. I hope in the future CF decides to add a few adult thrill rides. A killer flat would be nice. I am not going to beg for a coaster becuase it will never happen.

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