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Sunday, April 22, 2001 7:42 AM
Spring break began on Wednesday as it was "Senior Payback Day" where underclassmen who previously bought seniors could do whatever they wanted to them. Basically a sorry excuse to dress the male seniors up like girls and dress the female seniors up in tight, low-cut spandex (I saw the homecoming queen do cartwheels down the hall in this lowcut piece that said Got Milk? across the front- very nice). Anyway, it was a good sign that my break would be very, very nice.

After spending Easter w/ my aunt, cousin, and radio dj extroadinar uncle in Columbus, GA, we headed off to Orlando for the week. Our first stop: MGM Studios.

I had been to MGM a few years ago and had fun riding Tower of Terror. I will try and make this kinda short from here on out, as you can see I can carry on for quite some time.

Rock n' Roller Coaster:

We headed here first and I was in heaven. I am a big music person, playing piano/guitar/bass/drums/kazoo/harmonica/acordian, so I was having fun being surrounded by Les Paul's. Pre-show entertainment was sweet-and then it was off to the Alley.

The launch was the best I have ever experienced. It really got me in my stomach. The ride itself was great, not really rough and really out of control. It was like Outer Limits done right I guess. I had five spins that day.

Tower of Terror

This ride gets better and better. Spiderman would have to do a lot to please me to knock this one off my fav non-coaster ride. 3 drops making that a whopping 6 lifetime.

Star Tours

I first rode this when I was a wee lad only 4 or so I think. This also is still very fun eventhough I memorized the dialouge. Somewhere around 20 lifetime rides.

Since there isn't really any thrill seeking things to do other that RRC and TOT, we basically wandered around. The park was very packed, you could barely walk down the midways. We left in the afternoon to eat and went to BASS PRO SHOPS: OUTDOOR WORLD ORLANDO (yessssssssssssss), but came back at night. When we were really bored, my brother and I picked out random people and decided if they were English or American. Of course I am the best at that game. The next day was a full day at: IOA.
"The end of endings is coming," PHILMORE - Our Finest Hour

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