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Tuesday, August 27, 2002 6:31 PM
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After spending my weekend at my friends camp in the adirondacks, yesterday my family and I went to MFI and Niagara Falls and got back today.

MFI Rides:

Silver Comet 10/10 (18 rides)

This ride has an awesome crew, if you can call it that. Theres only two people who dispatch, load, check, let more people in the station, ect. They were great. They ran to check every seat and were very friendly. One of the guys kept hand slappin every one on the way out of the station. Also, the guy, Laurent or Laurence, always appreciated me being the only one to lower the lapbar next to me and fasten the seatbelt around it.

The ride is fast, fun, laterals, airtime, and everything a good woodie needs. This is my first CCI and a great start! My #1 rollercoaster. The first drop is packed with airtime in the back along with a double dip like element after that and a lateral filled turnaround. After the turnaround the air is awesome and into an extremely lateral and airtime filled twister ending and over a bunny hop and a right hand turn onto the brakes.

The funniest moment on this ride was when the two normal guys were on break. There was a girl controlling and a guy checking. Neither had the MFI shirts on and didn't look to experienced. When the train arrived back at the station the girl didn't hold the brake in the station long and enough and stopped it with the first 3 cars out of it. It was really funny. She let them go again because theres nothin else to do. Finally the 2 regular guys came back and were able to brake the ride the right way. BTW, don't coasters usually have sensors to make the brakes automatically stop at the right spot?

I rode at night with this guy with a Knoebels shirt on but he didn't look to friendly. We were in the back seat. He kept a straight face the entire time and didin't smile or hold his hands up or look like he had fun at all. Some people are hard to please.

I rode a total of 18 times, my new record for most on a coaster in one day. Next comes Kraken at 15.

Dare Devil 7.5/10 (5 rides)

I went in expecting for the worst but I wasn't to disapointed. Its really not that tall but perfect for this park. The first time I went on we waited for about 10 minutes before we went because one of the ops didn't really know what he was doing. Oh well. Clear! Up to the top. The launch was pretty good, not as good as Power Tower, and a little rough, but good. We waited at the top for the drop. Each time I put my hands out in front of me. All of a sudden we drop. The drop was so much better than I thought. The floater air is awesome. Sure its not as great as PT but great for this park. A great ride with a short line.

Ferris Wheel 610 (1 ride)

I like this Chance Wheel much better than SFDLs because it has height but is pretty fast and fun and not slow. Fun ride. Great View.

Log Flume 6.5 (1 ride)

This is a really cute log flume. We waited about 20 minutes and while in line these smelly kids are talking about how awesome "the superman" is. They saw my CP shirt and they were like "Hows that Cedars Point?" Yes they said Cedars. I just said good. I'm sure they wouldn't want me to explain each of their coasters such as "the Millennium Force" or "THE Raptor". Onto the ride: It was ok. There were only 4 boats. The first drop is the smaller one. After the first drop you go through a few turns and onto the big hill where you get surprisingly drenched. Fun little log flume. The drops weren't too steep though.

Wildcat: 6.5/10 (3 rides)

This is a great ride for what its for.Some good g's in the helix's and airtime on the drops. I noticed how they put the carny type guys on this ride. One beer belly attendant appeared to be drunk while pushing the car from the unloading to loading station. There are four cars but unfortuanaly the ride op was to concerned at looking at a bunny rabbit in the midway than dispatching the cars so it took about 10 minutes when it could have only taken 2.

Orient Express 3/10 1 ride

Just for the count. This is an ok kiddie coaster long but quite bumpy and rough. Its driven by tires along the track.

MFI? 8/10

This is a great small town park. I like it alot because they try to upgrade it by adding CCI and a drop tower. Its much better than Seabreeze because seabreeze doesn't improve its amusement park b/c its filled with ancient rides.

Niagara Falls:

We stayed at a Hampton Inn on the American side which was nice and affordable. Today we went on the Maid of the Mist which was fun and wet.

I wanted to go on Pile Driver but I asked the guy at the Information Booth and he was very helpful and set that there has been a problem getting a permit to operate it so that it probably wouldn't be open. He was right. I think it was a chance slingshot because it looked about the height of Dare Devil, a little bigger, and didn't seem to have the air cylinders of an S&S. Also it had that thing on top like Dare Devil. Oh well.....

I went with my Brother and dad on this Frankenstiens House. It was a pretty tame Haunted House with animatronics. It was long and pretty fun.

There was another haunted house but people were coming out telling people it was a complete waste of time. The ticket booth lady was getting upset because they were ruining her business.

We went to the Ripleys Museum which was pretty good. It was more of a walk through discover center than a museum because its almost like a trail you take through it rather than a huge room filled with exhibits.

As my dad went to get the car I decided to go on this Sally Ghost Blasters thing with my mom. Its a haunted house dark ride with guns. I was 3 dollers and somthin American which was a little high but there was no line. The ride was fun with some cool theming and the game was cool too. Fun little ride! It was inside this huge game room. I forgot the name of it though.

Great little trip to Niagara Falls! Can't wait to go to MFI soon!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002 10:39 AM
Sounds great. Next year my familly is going on vacation so I will get down there.


Wednesday, August 28, 2002 10:48 AM

no kidding, you know my opinion if you have been reading the tr's i have been writing, good to see someone else wrote one on this fine park, btw im going back on sunday!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2002 12:25 PM

Ride of Steel said:
"He kept a straight face the entire time and didin't smile or hold his hands up or look like he had fun at all. Some people are hard to please.

I ride with hands on the lapbar and keep a straight face most of the time but that doesn't mean I'm not having a good time. Just see my usual thumbs up to the onride photos :)

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002 3:35 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar I'm making a recreation. Anyone want it?

Its not attention deficit. I'm just ignoring you.


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