MF Question?!?

Monday, August 14, 2000 7:34 AM
How come just because MF is in USA it is the best ride ever. Everyone just says it is the best and offers no opinion on other coasters. C'mon people, i know MF is great, but it isnt the whole world. I dought SD2000 was made just to beet MF. Why is everyone angry at japan. Look at the woodie hieght race. Before SOB, people would beet out heights by a couple feet. It called innovation. Now, maybe Cedar point will build a 319 foot coaster. Will you people be mad b/c it beet out SD2000 by a foot. I dotn think so. Enjoy MF.
Monday, August 14, 2000 10:34 AM
Well, another classic example of "How NOT to post".
First, if you label a post "MF Question?!?" then actually have a question about MF in the post, not some subjective points.
Second, BUY A DICTIONARY. I bet there is a spot right next to your machine where the dictionary can rest and be easily accessed.
You should use a capital I when referring to yourself.
The word I think you are looking for is THOUGHT not DOUGHT.
When using a contraction you are suppose to use the apostrophe sign (it's located right next to the enter key on the keyboard, looks like this ').
Hieght is HEIGHT if you are talking about how tall something is.
Beet is a vegetable. Beat is the word I believe you are looking for.
Take the time to READ your post before submitting it. It doesn't take long to proofread and make the corrections.
Proper spelling and grammar are part of the user agreement on this site. The quality of the posts is what sets this site apart from the other NOISE on the Internet. Please be part of the QUALITY not the NOISE.
With regard to your "question" MF is the best ride ever...until you experience it don't knock it. The SD2000 could "beet" it by your standards, just because MF is in the United States doesn't mean it's the "best". There are some who believe other coasters "beet" MF. Location of the ride doesn't have much bearing on the "quality" of the ride. If they built the tallest, fastest coaster on the North Pole, there are people who would think "their" Home Park coaster is best. That is what is called LOYALTY.
Monday, August 14, 2000 10:54 AM
I agree on your assessment of noise. While we appreciate your input, please leave the moderating up to the moderators, ok?

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