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Thursday, June 15, 2000 12:03 PM
There are no words to describe MF at Cedar Point.
Entered the park about 9:30 am and waited 1 hr 45 min on Sunday the 11th. Sunday night the wait was about 45 minutes. Rain most of the day Monday the 12th but when it stopped we were in line about 35 minutes. Rode Mantis next and after the MF, while in the loop I was thinking, this thing has to speed up or it's not going to make it. Magnum use to be my favorite but after riding MF, it seems so rough! Raptor is still a great one! MF is breathtaking, the speed, the drop, the turns, the feeling it gives you is just amazing. I personally like the way they load the cars. You don't have a choice of seats, but I think it helps move the line through and that was a plus.

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