Mexico City New Years

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I went to Mexico City for NYE, and I enjoyed 2 amusement parks in the Capital.

On Friday the 30th, I checked out La Feria Chapultepec. Getting there was a confusing walk from the Constituyentes Metro Station. Getting in to the park was a new deal for me as well. Instead of a one price for all option, you pay only for what you want to ride. The all you want to ride option, that I took, was 180 pesos...which comes out to about $15. First off, I went to ride Montana Rusa which is a wooden mobius coaster. Well after about 30 mins in this VERY slow moving line, it broke down. Went back later in the evening only to be told no one else could get in line, since that would go past closing time. What a disappointment. Next went to Cascabel, a flywheel launch...mirroring Montezuma's Revenge at Knott's. This one broke down too! But this was a short wait and got on in about 20 minutes. This was a good ride. Next was Montana Infinitum. RCDB says this is the first coaster to have 3 vertical loops. OMFG I'm not sure I've ridden a more intense ride. Had "aircraft pilot" type seatbelts over the shoulders, and a lap bar. Even with all that, I felt lucky I still wasn't thrown out of my seat. This one has over 4Gs! After that one, went to Raton Loco. Just as the name sounds, it's a crazy mouse. I'll say they let it spin much more than I've seen here in the US. It spun so much, I actually thought I was going to get sick! I was glad to get off this one! After that 4th and final coaster, I went into the haunted house, and woooo scared the jeebus outta me. Funny side note on the park....they had quite a few "snow" attractions for the holidays. Apparently Mexico City doesn't get snow. They had a snowman making tent, snowball fight tent,and a downhill sled ride. I had a chuckle over that one. Was a decent park I thought, but the lines were the slowest I'd ever seen.

New Years Eve, Six Flags Mexico. Thankfully, the quality of this park was much better. It had just about the same quality as SF parks here in the US. First ride was Superman: El Ultimo Escape. Wait time wasn't bad...about an hour for the park's premier ride. Was a little rough for a steel coaster, but fun. Next was Medusa. Should I go back to SFM, I will never ride this one again. This had to have been the roughest wooden coaster I've ever been on. At it's worst, it was about 3X the roughness of The Beast's helix. No wonder this one was a virtual walk on. Dark Knight was next. The other one of this one that I've been on was at SFGA. Was a good ride with a big difference from the one here....the first area with the back n forth queue, was a preshow. When they let us in there, there was a "special report" on the news about the goings on in Gotham. I thought it was cute. After that, we walked into the loading area. Very quick! SFM has the standard Boomerang....didn't ride this one. Next one is Batman The Ride. This one is a completely different layout than the other ones I've been on. The line speed on this one was HORRIBLE. They had one train going, and the line took about 75 mins. UGH But it was a run ride though. And lastly, rode the Tsunami. Same type of coaster as Jaguar @ Knott's. Was a bit more intense, a la close to the ground with good Gs. That one was a walk on.

What I REALLY liked about this park, is that instead of using my 2011 Season Pass... I purchased a 2012 pass, since it allowed me entrance on the 31st. But the big deal on this one? The cost of the pass was only 480 Pesos, which at the time came out to $34!!!!!!!! Looks like I will be taking plenty of SF trips this year. :-) Anyhow, I really enjoyed this park and would return in the future next time to Mexico City.

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Cool TR. The Batman down in SFM is a Vekoma SLC.

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And Cascabel used to be the Laser Loop!


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I want Montana Rusa. Everything else would be gravy...

....especially the mouse, from the sound of it.

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Montana Infinitum I swear was the most intense coaster I've ever been on. I genuinely feared for my safety on this one!,+Distrito+Federal,+Mexico...gplus-ogsb

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