Merlin considers bringing more of its brands to Central Florida

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The worldwide amusement company building Legoland Florida about 50 miles southwest of Orlando is already pondering expanding its offerings in Central Florida. In an exclusive interview with the Orlando Sentinel this week, the top executive of Merlin Entertainments Group said the company has other attractions that could do well in Orlando, ranging from its popular Madame Tussauds wax museums to something along the lines of the London Eye, a 443-foot-tall observation wheel on the river Thames in England.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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What views are there to be had via a giant ferris wheel in central Florida?

Riding is freedom.
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The same views that will be enjoyed by people who get mad because their Disney resort didn't have an ocean view. :)

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I have been on the London Eye - twice (once by choice - the other by obligation) - and would not pay to do it "thrice".

If they put it in south beach - I "might" be inclined - but Orlando magic is so spread out - it would not be a good view IMHO -

Currently BA is charging about $20-$30 for a spin on it, and I don't see that price being commanded in Orlando.

Another big issue with a beach front attraction like this will be the hurricane factor -

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There was talk of a giant wheel in Orlando four or five years ago before the economy took a shat.

The wheel is a bad idea but then again it would look cool even if it isn't that great once you are in it (after paying) ... and a wax museum is kinda dumb too but it at least would work because it doesn't need a view outside and it would be in an entertainment city (Orlando)

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