Merlin buys cypress gardens?

According to the article, this will be the largest of all the Legoland parks, with between 40-50 attractions. Evidently Merlin thinks they can make this property work. I bet they're right.

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I think this is going to be a good fit for the Cypress Gardeans property.

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The non-word "legos" was used in the photo caption. :-)

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It also says that the coaster will stay, but the waterpark will be a separate gate.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
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The article says one of the two woodies will stay- another source tells me that the Triple Hurricane fits their demographic so it will be the one they keep, which unfortunately may mean curtains for the Starliner unless it can be sold and moved quickly, not holding my breath there since it has been on the market for quite a while already. Still, atleast one will likely be saved.

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Starliner will be saved.

Selfishly, I would love for the spared woodie to be Starliner. I never made it out to the park after it went in (and never rode it when it was at the Miracle pier). The Triple Hurricane is tame, even by kiddie coaster standards.

The articles from Thursday's press conference indicate that one will be kept -- and while Screamscape claims that it will be Starliner -- I don't know if that's just wishful thinking on Lance's part or if they actually did single out the coaster (and media reports left it out because they figure most readers won't know the two coasters anyway).

Starliner would probably be too intense by Legoland standards. There is really only one ride in Legoland California that had me doing a double take as in "what is THIS doing here" on the itnensity scale. The Knights' Tournament flips kids upside down and jerks them around using the same Robocoaster robotic arms that are supposedly going in at the main Harry Potter ride at IOA.

So I would be pleasantly shocked if they keep Starliner instead of Triple Hurry-lame.

Paris said: So I would be pleasantly shocked if they keep Starliner instead of Triple Hurry-lame.

Ah, but Moosh didn't say that.

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The Lego "demographic"...if one can call it that...skews to the under-10 crowd. I've been to Legoland CA and seen the target audience. Heck, I've taken the target audience: my youngest nephews. The kids love it. And the adults, who have fond memories of playing with Lego and who enjoy watching their children have fun, love the park. But the "inbetweeners" I see that are near or in their early teens? Bored to tears! They don't want to be in a "park for babies."

If any of you can remember what it's like to be that young once you get older than 10 most tend to go thru a phase where they try to eschew "kids stuff" and try acting more like the adults around them. In that phase, Legoland isn't appealing.

Triple Hurricane better-fits the under-10 demo. Starliner is the more-intense ride that will appeal to families and teens. I just don't see it being a good fit. Next time you find yourself on go look at the Legoland parks around the world. Check out what kinds of coasters they have. The most extreme thing you'll find is a Mack mouse.

All that being said and done, I certainly could be wrong. Perhaps Merlin see's value in keeping Starliner as it's lived it's entire life in Florida. But the grapes I listen to say the ride is headed elsewhere. I guess we'll know soon enough.

Ensign Smith said:

Ah, but Moosh didn't say that.

I know that Moosh has the moving trucks loading up and moving Starliner north.

I was referring to Screamscape pegging Starliner as the survivor (when it's clearly the one that would have value sold and restored elsewhere).

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Have to comment on the "T. Hurricane is too tame" comments. It's not the craziest junior/family woodie out there (Pegasus perhaps?)...but it's a pretty solid ride for a kids park. Someone even fell out of the ride once...that's not what I'd call "tame".

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Here is a map of Legoland Florida superimposed over Cypress Gardens. Although both Triple-H and Starliner are still evident, Triple-H seems to be front and center of the area called "Adventure." Methinks this is a telltale sign of which is staying and which will be eventually ridden by Cheeseheads up by that bay that's green.

Another negative for the Triple Hurricane is the layout has a large foot print. It's a shame that they are not keeping both. The other coaster that is staying is Okeechobee Rampage (Vekoma Jr Coaster) it has not been relisted on either broker's sites. Starliner is on Ital and Triple Hurricane is listed at Rides4u. I guess those sites haven't been updated yet.

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