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I got to go to PKD on Sunday, which was my second time to the park this season. It was also my first SFGAdv trip this year, so I got to see first-hand some of the things that I've seen online. Instead of a play-by-play, I'll just throw in some random notes/observations/opinions.

PKD -- May 28 (Sunday)

  • park had medium crowds, most, if not all, rides that I saw were operating
  • I got to ride TJ:TC a couple of times, and I think that it's a good addition. It's not very thrilling, but it is a fun ride that the family can enjoy. There are actually 3 places where you are accelerated by LIMs.
  • There is a LOT of gravel around this ride. In a couple places, I wish they hadn't used gravel and instead landscaped the area.
  • I hope Cedar Fair does something to improve the food/drink at this park. 20oz sodas are now $3.25 in the machines--actually more than Six Flags. I also got a brownie ice cream sundae. They were out of chocolate fudge, and the ice cream and whipped cream were bland.
  • The FoF arch has been taken down, and it's lying on the ground behind the fence.
  • Interestingly enough, the plasma screens in the IJ:TC queue do not show footage of the Italian Job. It would be nice if they did so that you got more of a feel for the theming of the ride. What if you've never seen the movie?
  • I got to hang out in Starbucks for a while. I'm glad they have this here in the park.
  • Hurler was not running very great. It would be interesting to know just what they did in working on it. It tracks horribly in one or more spots. I think they should completely retrack it.
  • It looked like they were actually trying to race the Rebel Yell.

SFGAdv -- 5/29 (Monday)

  • Medusa was running 3 trains--not extremely efficiently, but 3 nonetheless.
  • The ONLY water ride, AFAIK, that was open the entire day was Congo Rapids. Not a good thing with as hot as it was. Koala Canyon might have been open for the kiddies, but I don't know for sure.
  • Plaza del Carnival looks very good. Rolling Thunder right was running, but only with one train. This is another coaster that they should completely retrack. Actually, it might be nice to give it a COMPLETE overhaul.
  • El Toro's train had actually left the station. It may have traversed the circuit once, as well.
  • KK was running fairly well. It was running 3 trains. I only waited around an hour to ride, which isn't bad, though it was fairly hot out. It would also be nice if they would come up with a better queue for this thing, since they're not using the original one. This was my first time riding it, and I will say that I like TTD better, though this isn't a bad ride. I do not like the OSTRs, though. It's interesting--when riding it, I noticed 4 instances of acceleration on the launch track.
  • There is a lot of nice landscaping throughout the park. Props to the grounds crew.
  • BBNP looks pretty nice. It's great how they squeezed it in and made good use of that piece of land.
  • Both sides of the Chiller were running. I rode Batman side twice, and there actually wasn't a long wait! They should have had the A/C on in the station, though.
  • B:TR was running intense--I definitely felt the tingles in my feet! They were not running the trains efficiently, however.
  • Nitro was only running 2 trains. It's annoying that they put in such a nice ride, yet the queue and station are so plain and on the ugly side. The queue could definitely use more shade.
  • S:UF was running inefficiantly as well.
  • I don't think I ever saw the Justice League while I was there, and I didn't see the Looney Tunes a whole lot, though I did see some.
  • RMT wasn't running (at least when I was down that way earlier on).
  • I actually got to ride ErUption for the first time. It's not priced too badly. I think I paid more money for the slingshot when it was there.
  • When I first got in line for S:UF, they had a couple of DJ guys, and they had some trashy hip-hop song playing. If SFI is trying to go for the more family-oriented scene, this is NOT the type of music that they should be playing.
  • The bathroom I used (near near Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train) could definitely have used more cleaning.
  • Seeing how some of the people around there act, it bothers me how some people can be so rude/inconsiderate toward others and the park property. Also at PKD, there was a bunch of trash on the ground in and near the parking lot.
  • I wish that SFI would go a different route with their pricing. They are too high, IMO. I got chicken strips, potato wedges, and 1 liter of water, and with tax it came to $13.51. My friend and I BOTH ate dinner for LESS than this on the way home from Wendy's. And don't even get me started on the ticket and parking prices.
  • I actually saw the space shuttle running. Not sure when the last time I saw that was. The enterprise and wave swinger are still in pieces, though the wave swinger will probably be back up soon.
  • Medusa could use a paint job, as well as Nitro. Batman, RMT, and GASM's paint look pretty good.
You said Nitro needs more shade? I distinctly remember waiting under a HUGE yellow shade cover during Frightfest of 05' that wasn't there in previous years. The only part that wasn't covered was the queue that led out of the covered section. Granted, I waited at night and it was maybe pushing 40 degrees, so I don't know how well this cover works during a typical summer day.

Nitro's station may be utilitarian, but remember, the fewer the surfaces there are, the fewer the places to tag:)The station's never bothered me.

^ They still have that large yellow shade, but the long part leading out of the covered section gets hot, especially with all that sheetmetal nearby.

Oh, and there ARE plenty of places to tag (see the aformentioned sheetmetal) :) Although not many places in the station, unless you want to bend down to tag the sheetmetal.

The station doesn't have to be complex. It would be nice if it were like Goliath at SFoG--simple, yet more attractive than Nitro's. At least the ride is good :)

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