May to be a great month

Wednesday, May 9, 2001 12:10 PM
Do you all realise that May is going to be a great month in parks all over America, Check it out

Rhino Ralley Opens Late May at BGT
All the DeJa Vu Coasters being built willopen late May
Both The V2 Impulse Coasters open late May also(I think both open Memorial Day)
X-Flight at SFWOA opens 18th May(apparently)
Batwing Also opens in May, about the same time at X-Flight.
Talon Opens to the Public(Infact, its already open)
Phantoms Revenge opens to the Public(Will open soon)
Cornball Express Opens to the Public(19th May I heard)
The New Ireland Area opens at BGW.

WOW, What a great month its shaping up to be, Not sure if it was all meant to be like this, but who cares, Its just gonna be an excellent Month. Anything else I missed out?????
Wednesday, May 9, 2001 12:35 PM
Not to mention Stark Raven Mad!!!

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