May 30, June 1: Fiesta Texas and Schlitterbahn

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A few days of first.

My first time in Texas. For a Wisconsin boy, that's a huge thing. So far, it's hot, sticky, and a good place to be. My vacation isn't disappointing at all!

My wife and I flew in to San Antonio on Sunday afternoon, after a hour and a half delay in Chicago due to weather. After we checked into our hotel, we drove the three miles up to Fiesta Texas and processed our season passes. We decided to hit Boomerang.

My first Vekoma boomerang. We sat 2:1. First ride of the year. Walk-On. I was pleasantly surprised. Deja Vu didn't do much for me, so I wasn't expecting much. The ride was smooth, and the first drop packed a good punch. We'll surely hit that one again. 8/10

Then we went back to get our passes processed. A few minutes later, we were on our way to Superman, Krypton Coaster. My first B&M floorless. Wow. Didn't have the airtime of a Raging Bull or anything, but the way B&M used the quarry walls to lay-out the coaster was incredible. My wife and I left singing B&M's praises. Again, not the best B&M, but as our first floorless, it was a good memory. 8/10

We walked over to Polgergeist, but it was closed. So we decided to leave. We'll be back...

So Tuesday, June 1, we drove up to New Braunfels and hit Schlitterbahn. First time there. We'd seen specials and shows on the Travel Channel for two years, drooling over every inch of footage. All of the hype is well-placed. We found a top-notch water park, with much attention to detail, creativity, and innovation.

We hit all the rides at Schlitterbahn West in the morning. I think my favorite was Hillside. About 2:00, we decided to stop for lunch, and went to the car and had PB&J sandwiches. We then decided to take the shuttle over to Schlitterbahn East. We started out at Surfenburg. Much more family-oriented park. Immediately, we noticed the lack of shade. Not too many rides there, but they had the Boogie Bahn. That's an amazing concept. Decided not to try it this time (time was getting short, and we had a lot we wanted to see). So, we hit the Family Blaster. Short, Sweet, To the point. After that, we hit Dragon Blaster. Nice ride. It's a smaller version of the Master Blaster over at Blastenhoff.

After getting our fill over at Surfenburg, we walked over to Blastenhoff. We took a few laps on The Torrent. Fun. After that, we decided to take a ride on Black Knight. Nice tube ride. We weren't as impressed with Schlitterbahn East as we were with West. East felt too manufactured. We liked how they built into the woods at West.

The Dish and I got pretty sunburnt, so we'll probably lay low tomorrow. Maybe hit Sea World for its shows. Maybe Riverwalk.

I'll post more of our week-long vacation as events warrant!

d8 - who is loving Texas!

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