Maverick.. FAIL or not?

Ok.... I know this is one of the most infamous forum starters on the internet.. but I just wanna know everyone's angles on the maverick heartline issue and maverick in general.. If you youtube the animations you can see that the ride has a lot more theming and etc. than the real thing.. I personally think it was an intaminFAIL.. (however i have not ridden it) between the lack of themign and the lack of heartline.. but I just want other people's opinions. PLEASE, no fighting people..

It's not a failure at all it is one of the most popular rides in the park. The line is consistently a long wait during the day. It is personally one of my favorite coasters at Cedar Point. I don't really see what the point of this topic is.

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Your logic is a fail. Intamin has nothing to do with the ride's theming (or lack thereof).

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Intamin had nothing to do with the lack of theming. I'm happy that they caught the heartline issue early, before the ride opened.

I haven't rode it yet, so I can't comment on if the ride is "Fail" or not, but everyone seems to really like it. Cedar Point consistently fails when it comes to theming, imho. Just look at Paddlewheel, a ride that is supposed to be all about theming. Each year, it loses more and more.

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Depends on how you measure success. Given that none of us have the data that would let us see a lot of the outcomes, most of what we can do is speculate. However we don't have to speculate about this -

i can't blame intamin for the lack of theming, but i can blame them for the lack of heartline.. it may still be a good ride, but like i said.. i haven't ridden it.. besides.. how do you spend millions of dollars on a project like this to get a simple thing like the heartline wrong.. when those pics came out i was like wtf.. HOW are they gonna do that? well.. they can't. But if I can come to that conclusion idk how intamin didn't. i just think the heartline makes that section of the ride dead i guess.

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That section of the ride is far from dead. The ride is a win.

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Here's why this thread is closing now:

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