Maverick a terra coaster?

My friend just told me that he saw an ad for maverick marketing it as the worlds first "terra coaster" and knowing of my love for coasters asked me what that term meant. I wasn't able to help him though because I have not heard that term used with maverick or any other coaster before. I was just curious as to what CP means when it calls maverick a terra coaster. Thanks for any help.
Cedar Point needed something catchy to call this ride that stayed close to the ground or "Terrain", so the name Terra Coaster was born. The name is nothing special to be honest, just another way to market it.

Giga-Coaster = Millennium Force
Strata-Coaster = Top Thrill Dragster
Terra-Coaster = Maverick
_______a-Coaster = New Ride.

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You forgot about how people were calling Dragster a Tera-coaster. By the way first one to guess why gets a cookie.

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Because Dragster broke the 400ft mark -- and each 100ft usually gets a new "name." Tera is the next prefix after giga, when referring to numbers systems.

No need to guess, it's simple logic/knowledge. I'll take a dozen of your chocolate chip...

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Man that didn't last long well were out of chocolate chip so you have to deal with computer chip, to receive you cookies un-hook your tower's back panel and enjoy. ;)

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Well in computers Terra in Terra Byte means 1000 Gigabytes. So That definitely wouldn't be it, because we now know Top Thrill Dragster was not 1000 ft like some people speculated.

Tera in Greek means dirt/ground which would make sense for Maverick. That is where the word terrain comes from. *** Edited 7/8/2007 2:30:15 PM UTC by TonyBlackjack***

TBJ, I think you got your spellings mixed up...

Terra means earth, land etc.
tera is the SI prefix which means 10^12 (10 to the 12th power = 1,000,000,000,000

As far as I can tell, Terra-Coaster is meant to imply that it is close to the ground.

The whole ________a coaster thing is based entirely on marketing. Millennium Force is called a Giga-coaster, but the just made up the usage. Giga, really mean 10^9 (1,000,000,00), which obviously has no relation to 310ft.

Dragster was marketed as the worlds first Strata coaster...on terra.
Hmmm, if they mean using the terrain, or being built close to the ground, I doubt they can call themselves the first. Heck, Trailblazer @ HP has them beat by 30 years.

Maybe they meant that had to "tear" it apart to replace those 3 sections of track. ;)

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It's Intamin's first "terra coaster". Yes it's a marketing ploy, of course, but it's also based on Intamin. B & M cannot build a "giga" coaster, or a "strata" coaster, and now they cannot build a "terra" coaster.

As a company, Intamin offers a range of products. Included in their product line, if you are a potential buyer, are "giga" coasters, "strata" coasters, and now "terra" coasters.

It's not necessarily a specific type of coaster, but it is a specific type of Intamin coaster.

Thank you on the clarification Nerdette. I knew it was something to do with earth or ground. I didn't know for sure on the Number one just a guess. As far as the hard drive thing not sure how they got Terabyte for the name of the 1000 Gigabyte Hard Drives. They try to explain it on Wikipedia but they lost me early on in the explanation.
While on topic of Maverick, has anyone stumbled across any recent good wallpapers availible of the ride, since it has opened ?. Not to say there arent nice pictures of the ride out there, but pictures sized specifically for backgrounds.

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Here's a little chart with the various prefixes (mega, giga, tera, etc.)
I can work on Some Wallpapers tomorrow if you like. I have some nice shots of Maverick that would work out great I believe. I may use some of Walt's pictures and submit some wallpapers to him if he wants to post them on I'll size them accordingly, some Wide Aspect backgrounds too. Just give me some time and I'll post back here with the results.
That would be awesome!. I'm just kind of surprised nobody really has posted any? other than just regular outstanding pictures of the ride. No rush, and Thanks. :)

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Terra coaster must mean that "it stays low to the ground and doesn't do much except turn upside down". Bragging that the coaster follows the ground on flat ground is not much to brag about!

Where a TERRAIN coaster actually follows the terrain with hills, which this coster does not.

They are really grasping at straws for a "first". There have been terrain coasters that stay low to the round for decades. This isn't even a real "first".

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Actually, it is the first DGIRTFT coaster. Then again, SOB could make a good argument for claiming that title. Oh...Didn't get it right the first time. ;)

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