Maui Sands to Open Back Up In Sandusky, OH

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Busy Piling Up Snow Against Your House In Attempt To Get An Off Season Sled Riding Thrill From Your Roof,

It appears that after a few years (of this once abandoned project) that Maui Sands is about ready to reopen! Maui Sands would add yet another indoor water park to Sandusky! This huge building has been closed for quite some time now. It opened up last year with just it's rooms available. It says in February the water park opens up. They posted a few picks online:

It'll be interesting to see how it does, being located right in between Great Wolf and Kalahari.


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It still looks like a dump from the outside. Are there new owners? Hopefully they won't drown anyone.

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Property was sold so there is a new owner.

Former Browns and Ravens running back Jamal Lewis tried to buy this several years ago - but their financing was denied due to code violations, liens, etc. left by the previous owners. His group has since bought the Ft Rapids indoor water park in Columbus.

BTW: $2 mil for this property seems incredibly cheap.

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When we drove by this past December, we thought the placed looked pretty cleaned up. So much so that we wondered if they were going to open back up. I didn't even realize that they were operating last summer. The reviews on TripAdvisor have it ranked as #2 in Sandusky.

Have they drowned someone in the past? I thought that was Kalahari.

- R.A

I was shocked last year when I drove by and saw a now opened sign across the old sign so I googled it...Yeah, they place looks like a huge dive around it lately. This huge building, some small hotels around it, gas station, cracked parking lot and signs...

On my trips to CP last year, I saw maybe a few cars spending the night. I think it was roughly $80 a night then from what I saw.

It looks like the prices when the water park opens up will be around $180. I think they should go less to outdo Great Wolf, instead of same price. Kalahari is the most $, followed by Great Wolf and Castaway. Rain park is about $50 night right now I've seen through e-mails.

I think the last death in that area was Kalahari in 2009 with that little boy.

Anyone know of the violations that forced Maui to originally close?

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