Matt Ouimet talks about his experience and the future of Cedar Fair

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New Cedar Fair CEO Matt Ouimet was interviewed by a Toledo TV station, where he talkes about his experience with the Disney theme parks and what he looks forward to at Cedar Fair.

See the video from WTVG/Toledo.

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"The King of Fun". Clever.

I like the guy. He says all the right things.

I liked his comment that was something to the effect of, "you can respect the past but you should not revere the past because then things don't change for the better."

In other words, "What Would Walt (insert Dick here) Do?" isn't a mantra to live by.

Excuse the pun.

I was gonna say 'That's what she said"...but I feared being jumped by the "don't quote the previous post" police.

But I think it works anyway :)

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Well, now we know how to pronounce Matt's last name.

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I thought we already knew.

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Did oui?

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Oui. All the way home.

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Yeah it was spelled phonetically in an article :-).

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