Mass Effect attraction at California's Great America goes beyond fans of the video games

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There was one big question when it came to the new "Mass Effect"-themed thrill ride at California's Great America: Would it be something that could appeal not only to fans of the popular video game franchise, but to the uninitiated as well? The answer is most definitely yes.

Read more of the review from The Mercury News.

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I look forward to trying Plants Vs. Zombies at Carowinds in 2 weeks. I think video game rides are a good concept, I just need to try it for myself.


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Does Plants Vs. Zombies have an actor that is part of the ride experience? The article says Mass Effect does, and I think that can make a huge difference in whether the ride is just "another 3D theater" attraction.

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No, Plants vs. Zombies does not incorporate any actors, as an actor really wouldn't mesh with the cartoony style of the attraction. The interactive aspect is what elevates it above being just a typical theater attraction. I found it to be really enjoyable and repeatable.

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