Marvel Adventure City June 3rd

Wednesday, June 4, 2003 10:34 AM
Just a quick update to all those in Canada waiting for news on Marvel Adventure City. Went down there last night to check it out, and it is still not opened. Talked to a couple construction workers and what not down there and they said it is supposed to open this friday (june 5th).

I shot some video of what I could see and its definitly looking real nice inside. I will try to get some screen shots posted later on today or tomorrow. For those not willing to wait I can tell you that inside the themeing is top notch. I could clearly see the entrances to Xmen Combat Cars and the Hulk Attraction. Hanging from the ceiling in one area is a villian that I suppose got caught by Spiderman and he's dangling by a web. Upstairs I saw some of the Spider-man and Friends Funhouse . It's got slides, punching bags, and POSSIBLY a ball pit. I saw the entrance to the Daredevil Obstacle Course but couldn't see too much of that. Was not able to see the entrance to the Spiderman attaction but I am sure it is gonna be as great as everythign else.

Also there are tons of arcade games and carnival type games like Skeeball, and coin games, so I guess you can win tickets for prizes like Chucky Cheese and Dave and Busters.

I sure cannot wait till this attraction opens up. I will be down there as soon as it does. Till then, Ciao.


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