Marshall Scotty Amusement Park, El Cajon, CA

Okay, this park has eluded even the best of online databases; RCDB. I've been to the park, waaaay back in 1994, with another ACE member, who through his power of persuasion, was able to talk the owner/operator to fire up their Little Dipper coaster for us. I have pictures of the park, and coaster somewhere around the house, but have never scanned them onto my computer.

Just wondering if there are others around here who have made it to Marshall Scotty's before they closed, soon after we made that trip.

Well I'll be. Looks like I just corrected myself. After doing a better job of surfing the net for Marshall scotty's, I came across a thread that had a link to RCDB, with this parks name; Frasier's Frontier
Marshal Scotty's.

Ah well, at least I made a concious effort to correct myself. Also, I still have some better pics of the coaster than RCDB. Gotta start scanning in those old photos, and making some kind of contribution to the online coaster world, at some point. Maybe this will get me started.

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The place has been shuttered for a number of years now. When 
Huish was forced to move their La Mesa Family Fun Center
due to freeway construction to a location a couple miles 
down the road from where Marshall/Fraser's was that pretty
much signaled the end. That, and a church bought the 
property next to them and had them in and out of court for
various reasons,mostly noise complaints as I recall. When
they finally turned out the lights the church bought the 
property and locked the gates, the pig iron for the 
most part is still there rusting away.

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Oh, THAT's what that is! I've always seen the old Ferris Wheel there whenever we would head out to the desert or mountains.

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I once looked over the property for an outfit in Ohio 
(now defunct) about twenty years ago. It had fair amount
of potential, as the visiablity from I-8 was pretty good.
The park consisted of the standard Allen Hershell kiddie 
ride package, with a couple of family rides tossed in. The
Ferris Wheel I think was a Bierbaum, and they had the omni
present Chance CP Huntington. The park had a healthy 
birthday party business from what I could see, as well 
as samll group picnics. 

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