Marriage is a Compromise, or, "Who knew there was good wood in the South?" 8/8/06-8/10/06

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Marriage is a compromise.

For example: If your wife says: “Can we drive to Birmingham, AL to see American Idol Live?” be sure to say “You bet….as long as I can go to Visionland (Alabama Adventure)”. Then she says, “Then could we go to Gulf Shores and go to the beach”….be sure to say “As long as I can ride that woodie that’s down there!”

It’s not always that easy….my wife who normally rides is pregnant. Thank goodness there was a baby stuff outlet store ½ mile from Visionland and a Motherhood Maternity outlet 1 mile from the place in Gulf Shores. I ride coasters, she buys a bunch of crap we need and saves a buttload of money. Life works out well, sometimes, huh?

Anyway, off to the coasters:

The south lacks good wood. Koko the Gorilla could take better care of Gwazi. Megazeph was pretty fun, but in obvious disrepair now. Texas Cyclone is gone, the Georgia Cyclone is nice, but it’s really hit or miss for me. It’s a plane ride or a HUGE drive for me to get to any of my top 20 wooden coasters. Thankfully I was about to find 2 of the best wooden coasters in the entire southeastern quadrant or the nation.

Visionland, now known as Alabama Adventure: 8/8/06

This is a pretty nice little park. It’s very heavy on the water attractions….there’s a nice water park, a flume, and a rapids ride. Great if that’s your bag, but it wasn’t what I was there for. Strangely, the non-water ride selection was VERY small. Probably less than 15 rides…20 at most, including kiddie rides. There’s a fun little kiddie coaster called Marvel Mania which I rode, being credit Hungry (I want to hit 500 soon). I begrudgingly rode their Boomerang….I swear cops or the CIA should strap perps into those things as torture device. This particular one was extra bad so it would seem.

Rampage……hands down the best wooden coaster in the south. This ride has a wonderful combination of speed, air, laterals, etc. Those geniuses at CCI/the Gravity Croup sure know how to build a killer coaster. I’m sorry I didn’t get to ride it at night, but I would have been heading towards divorce court if my wife didn’t see Taylor Hicks!

Waterville, USA – Gulf Shores, AL: 8/10/06

Imagine your standard Family Fun center. A few Go-Kart tracks, mini golf, an arcade, some water slides. The difference is this one has a wooden coaster….one built by CCI no less. It couldn’t have been more different than Rampage. Rampage is an all out assault on it’s riders…..aggressive twister heaven. Cannonball Run is a classic out and back coaster….in fact, it could be mistaken for a coaster built between the 20s and 60s. (I say that in a complimentary way.) It’s not too aggressive, just an out-and-back with nice airtime, decent speed,,.,just a whole lotta classic fun!

Anyway, now anytime says “Alabama” to me it reminds me of those great coasters….it’s no longer the punchline to a joke ;)

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