Manta construction photos

I got these pictures at SeaWorld Orlando yesterday (9/19)- most of them show the construction site:

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Nice to see them putting up some supports.

Has anyone heard of an opening besides "2009"?

Neuski said:
Has anyone heard of an opening besides "2009"?

I highly doubt it will be open any earlier than spring 2009. The construction is moving along at a slow pace (though it recently has been picking up). My guess is soft-opening in early-Feb with a grand opening around presidents week as that when the park usually grabs the attention of locals and tourists alike with the Bud & BBQ concerts and events.

On a related note I was cruising down the freeway the other day and saw a great deal of the ride's supports, track and such in a staging area in a open field near the park.... just a mile or so from where I passed another field with supports and stuff for the Rockit coaster at USF. 2009 will be exciting here in Orlando.


Hmm... it may make a difficult decision when we head down there in April.

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I wish I was going to orlando. DVC membership does nothing but cause you to lose points if you don't use it. Dang mouse trying to push down the people.

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Neuski, if you're going in April, don't expect it to be open. Everything I've heard points to a Memorial Day opening for Manta.

Thanks for the inside Mark.

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My fiance and I were trying to hold off going to Orlando until Potter opens, but with all this new stuff I think we will have to split it up into a couple trips! I feel like I haven't been back to Orlando in a lifetime, can't wait!

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Manta looks like a solid if uninspiring selection. It's nicely located, and will be a good draw for them. The "disappointment", such as it is, is that they could've put down a tower-launch (like Wicked), and a Gerstlauer spinner (like SD) for about the same money. This will work for SW...but that would've worked better. I'm hanging my excitement on the new ride at USF. ;)

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Manta uninspired? I am surprised to hear that. Looks to be an above average, theme park quality ride to me.

And if I recall, there has only be a few artist renderings released and not many other details. It is early to call it anything but new.

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I'm not sure Gator said that Manta was uninspired. In fact, I'm pretty sure he didn't.

He said SW's choice of Manta (a B&M flyer) as the latest addition was an uninspiring one.

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I look at it as a B&M flyer done right.

With that mindset Gonch, any previous coaster type could be called uninspiring.

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Umm, I guess I'm not following.

Again, it seems to me that Gator is questioning the choice of addition (calling it uninspiring) and suggesting a tower-launch and a Gerstlauer spinner would have been a better choice - a more inspired one in his opinion.

Remove that one word that you guys got hung up on and he's simply saying that something like the tower/spinner combo makes more sense to him than a B&M flyer.

I'm not sure it's really any more complicated or deep than that.

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^Thanks! I was simply suggesting that throwing *yet another B&M product*, with a lifthill, and inversions, just seems like more Orlando....bringing coals to Newcastle as it were. The "genius" of my thinking is that it brings a (gasp!) non-inverting non-kiddie coaster to SWF....something besides JtA that the whole family could ride together....even Grandma and Grandpa (the people who SWF really wants to attract more). Will *I* go for Manta? Yes. Will I go back for MORE Manta? Meh, I'd probably use my USF pass and go for RipRideRockit - something I cannot ride elsewhere in the State. More B&Ms with inversions - I can ride those ANYWHERE. BUT, most importantly (God I wish I could make a paragraph break, LOL) - will Gramma and Gramps go to SWF for Manta? Probably not! ;)

I'll same my opinions until actual details are released.

Manta looks cool, but I'm more excited for USF's new ride. I mean, don't get me wrong, B&M coasters are amazing, but Florida is full of them, and even my friends who couldn't care less about roller coasters are saying everything in the state is the same now. I am very aware that Manta is a flying coaster and that no other one exists in the state, I just wonder what Seaworld's premise is. As far as I know, none of my friends, when in a theme park mood, say "let's go to Seaworld!". BGA and USF are assumed favorites. Who knows, maybe that will change. Who knows, maybe this entire post makes no sense.

Good job Seaworld for adding a nice addition to Kraken.

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