Man with one leg denied roller coaster ride at Six Flags Over Georgia

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A metro Atlanta man said he was embarrassed and outraged when he was kicked off a roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia because he only has one leg. Torrence Bellamy stood in line for more than an hour, but as he was in his seat and the ride was about to take off, he was approached by a worker who asked him to exit the ride.

Read more and see video from WSB/Atlanta.

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The worker was certainly in the right regarding the policy, but definitely could have handled it a bit more tactfully. I'm surprised that policy was only recently updated, since I know that was a common part of most every somewhat "larger" ride at Cedar Point in '07, even the relatively tame by comparison Matterhorn. It also makes a good argument for a commonly pulled position that has slowly been disappearing from a lot of parks the last few years. Having a greeter could have prevented the guy from wasting an hour of his day and possibly made for a slightly less negative situation as a result.

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The blurb on the front page of Coasterbuzz has a goof:

Park's rider policy changed in May to require two arms, feet and at least one leg.

The article says two legs, two feet, and at least one arm.

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Yae. How can someone have two feet but only one leg? "That's just not right!" lol

Another example of policies/rules that change under different circumstances while people are still in the mindset that "if I rode it last year, why can't I enjoy it now?"

I guess my philosophy is always to check things out for myself, regardless if I've "participated" before or not. It's always easy to pass or place the blame on someone else (as it is with most of the disability situations) but at what point does someone think to double check or make sure qualifications are met so these conflicts don't arise?

There is one way around it: wear pants and the ride-ops would not know any better. :)

Seriously, I think the policy should be more detailed on what's allowed and what's not. It didn't say how much of his leg was a prosthetic. If it was below the knee, I see no problem with him being held in. Above the knee would be a different story. I can understand if they would not allow the prosthetic on the ride in case of it falling off.

Years ago, I had a friend go to CP with a prosthetic leg. When he got on Raptor, he took off the leg and handed to ride-op, which caught him off-guard. When he returned to the station, the op was right there waiting for him. Has CP made any changes to their policy after everything happening at other parks?

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Doubt it's a coincidence that this policy change came in the season after Darien Lake fatality. I suspect this is a new mandate from the insurance company.

From a park/operator perspective they definitely don't want to tell a guest with a disability they're not allowed to ride unless they absolutely have to. It seems like there's one of these stories every couple of weeks lately.

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