Man sues Six Flags Great America for being stuck on Superman for at least 15 minutes

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A man who hung upside down for 15 to 25 minutes when a Six Flags Great America roller coaster stopped in mid-ride claims in court that the amusement park should pay for his permanent injuries. He seeks at least $50,000 for negligence.

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Um...upside down and lying prone are not the same thing. Upside down is when you get stuck at the apex of a vertical loop. It sounds like the ride was stopped at the brake run or the lift hill, which I'm sure many people have experienced. Hell, it could've been a stacking issue. Uncomfortable, yes, but injurious? Hard to imagine, beyond maybe a little bruising. Certainly not negligence.

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Who here remembers the Coasterbuzz event at Great America the year this ride opened? During ERT, some of us were stuck on the brake run for 45 minutes, and none of us received any injuries.

Sure, it wasn't the most comfortable or pleasant experience, but neither is a teeth cleaning, cortisone shot, or spinal adjustment - but I don't sue for those.

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There's no mention of where the ride came to an abrupt stop. Upside down? Doubtful.

"Grason was then and there severely and seriously injured, both internally and externally, and he suffered a severe shock to his nervous system, and bruises, contusions, and lacerations to his body; and became sick and disabled, and will continue to suffer great pain, discomfort, and physical impairment, and his injuries required hospitalization and medical treatment, all of which said injuries are permanent," he says.

Unless he was violently flailing around during the 15 to 25 (??) minutes he was stuck, I have a really difficult time buying this. And if that were the case, wouldn't he be responsible for his own injuries? I'd love to know how one gets lacerations from hanging in the prone position in a coaster restraint that's designed for people to hang in the prone position.

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"Superman: Ultimate Fight" "amusement right"? Apparently attention to detail is not a hallmark of the Law Offices of Mark Karno.

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Well, perhaps that's the issue here. Mr. Grason's right to amusement was violated by the ultimate fight he endured.

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This guy could be an employee at the Dayton Daily News. I'm sure none of this lawsuit is exaggerated whatsoever.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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You're right Vater, it doesn't say where the ride stopped; I was just speculating. I figured that if the ride really had stalled in an upside down position somewhere on the course, we'd have heard about it and been all over it (and the poor bastard would've been stuck for a lot longer than 15 to 20 minutes).

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The sad thing is half a jury will believe him if it goes that far. They'll settle out of court I'd bet, and not for anything near $50k.

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Really, if you're stuck "upside-down" on a Flying coaster, you're really stuck laying on your back, so that doesn't sound so bad, either.

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It probably will settle out of court, but I'd be surprised if they got anything substantial. I'd love to see them fight it entirely on principle.

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Raven-Phile said:

Who here remembers the Coasterbuzz event at Great America the year this ride opened? .

My very first lap on S:UF came on that day (not stuck, thankfully), and also one of the last. I'm glad this design didn't end up at just about every Six Flags park like Batman did.

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Oh good, someone who shares my lack of enthusiasm for S:UF. The riding position is too unconventional for comfort; even harnessed in with my feet shackled I felt as if I was going to pitch forward and fall out on the lift hill; then being stuck in this position for several minutes at the end of the ride with my hair falling all over my face while waiting for the train in the station to be dispatched wasn't much fun. If I were to get stuck on the ride I'd be pretty freaked out but sure as hell wouldn't sue anyone. It is indeed difficult to believe that this guy could have sustained the types of injuries he's alleging. I'm still cracking up over the numerous references to "Superman:Ultimate Fight." The lawyer will have to file an amended complaint.


Man needs slapped up side the head for being a Super Wuss. And again for hiring a dumb ass lawyer who couldn't come up with a more believable scenario.

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Frivolous lawsuits at their finest.

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I think we should just leaf this alone. The lawyer is probably all bark and no bite anyway.

My bad...I thought this Mark guy was the lawyer for the tree at SFMM....

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