Man loses more than 100 pounds after being denied ride at Kings Dominion

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Nat Ambrose used to weigh more than 300 pounds. Last year he went to Kings Dominion theme park Doswell, Virginia and was not allowed on one of his favorite roller coasters. In the months following the roller coaster denial, Ambrose said he went to the gym and started to watch what he ate. He said he lost 105 pounds in nine months.

Read more and see video from WTVR/Richmond.

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Good for him! He looks great.

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Good for him. I would have probably done it for the same reason.

I lost about 40 pounds several years ago after being unable to ride Millennium Force. Riding it the next summer was my motivation, and I did. I gained most of it back, but have lost a little bit again.

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What? A news piece about someone who was given incentive to take matters into his own hands to better himself? I call foul; Michelle Obama had to have been involved in some way.

In other news, there's an airborne winged pig outside my window.

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No Kidding Vater, this might be one of the only "park guest takes personal responsibility" stories we'll ever see.

Good for him.

I was in the same boat last year at Kings Dominion. No problem on any ride except Volcano... the belt would not click into place when the OTSR was down. Couldn't ride.

I told myself that I would have to lose weight so that it wouldn't happen again.

Unfortunately, I did not have the discipline or will power that this guy had... I weigh the same now as back then. Oh well, better luck for next year.

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Great story. Whatever works for motivation is a good thing. I haven't ever been denied a ride or anything, but when I signed up for Coasting for Kids I decided to use it as motivation to lose 50 pounds by then. Doesn't look like I will QUITE make it, but it's gonna be close.

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Vater are you crazy you can't write that on the internet, they'll find you! lol

Seriously though this is precisely the sort of the thing that would motivate me if I got to be too fat, so I can see where he's coming from. It takes a lot of self discipline (or Michelle Obama taxing soda and junk food) to pull off.

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bjames said:

blah blah blah....(or Michelle Obama taxing soda and junk food) to pull off.



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It's motivated me.

Packed a healthy lunch today (for a change)... Planning on joining "Planet Fitness".

Probably won't get to KD this year... but I don't want to be turned away from the front seats of the Great Bear (again) and Talon at Hershey and Dorney... the "big boy" seats on Inverts just don't have the same view as up front.

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As I get closer to 40, I find the bigger motivation is that my body simply can't tolerate a lack of fitness. Granted, I've never had any issue fitting into a ride, but I did once weigh about 20 pounds more, and it just felt crappy. I still know I'd feel better with 10 fewer. The bottom line is that there's a better lifestyle at stake. Riding a coaster should just be the gravy (intentional metaphor).

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I recently had a back injury where I was not allowed to do anything physical at all, and my weight skyrocketed. I had been doing well with at least maintaining a (borderline) acceptable coasting size before that. It is so hard to do anything without feeling like crap, and eating better is a struggle for me. However, coasters have given me motivation before and continue to do so, so hoping to do the same as Nat and drop some pounds. Way to go, guy!

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I've never been denied a ride on a coaster, and yet I am a pretty big guy, because I am 6' 1". I've been working on my weight the last few months because I am heavier that I've ever been, and so far I have lost 15 pounds. Diet soda, and water, and smaller portions are helping. I can't give up McDonald's though, but right now it looks like I wont have to. Not being allowed on a ride because of my size is one thing I don't ever want to have to deal with, so I can understand how this would motivate a coaster enthusiast to lose weight.

Losing over 100 pounds is awesome! Good for him. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect, and this guy realized his problem and did something about it. Many people just go through life accepting that things will never change, so they never do anything about it, which is sad.

Kudos to this guy for finding the proper motivation.

I'm currently stuck in a rut now where I feel crappy because I barely do any physical activity, but I don't do physical activity because I feel crappy. It's a vicious cycle that so far I haven't been able to break out of.

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^^Welcome to my world.

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Well, despite the above comments, here's another story like this, and just two days later no less!

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Another cool story!...but I love the photo caption saying the cars she got stuck on was a "roller coaster."

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Reminds me of Fat Bastard's emotional speech in "The Spy Who Shagged me".

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"I don't hate you because you're fat, you're fat because I hate you."

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