Man dies after falling off roller coaster at Rodeo carnival in Texas

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It was a tragic ending to this year's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. A man was killed after falling from a carnival ride Sunday night. Rodeo officials say the 46-year-old man was on a roller coaster called the "Hi-Miler" when he fell around 9:30pm.

Read more and see video from KTRK/Houston.

What two-year-old would be tall enough to ride the Hi-Miler?
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So, just to play devil's advocate, is this possible evidence that sometimes you do need more than a lapbar? :) ;)

Or Maverick?

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^Man u look mean in that picture Gonch hehehehe :)

Nah... I don't think you need more :)

But I know better than to get in that argument!

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Either the restraint failed, as Ms. Rock stated happened to her son, Mr. Greenhouse never was properly secured (these two are my choices), or alternatively, the restraint was functioning properly and something REALLY strange happened. Thinking the likely possibilities are that the restraint wasn't working properly, or that he never was properly secured/checked....can't really see another *reasonable* option.

Even an OTSR won't help if it's not locked...very sad in any case.

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You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Rumor has it the guy was trying to grab a lost hat when he fell out.

coasterdude318 said:
What two-year-old would be tall enough to ride the Hi-Miler?
(see article)


Not sure what you're referring to..I read the article multiple times. It mentioned a woman who rode with her six-year-old son. But I saw no mention of a two-year-old.

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The article was updated. It said 'two-year-old son' yesterday.

Was it updated yet again?

Fifth paragraph:
'"It kind of really made you rethink because I said to myself, you know, we have a two-year-old and I'm thinking what if that was her and she had just gotten on that ride? Like I said, she was on her way to the ride so it was kind of scary," said Johnson.'


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Apparently it was, because the article still had yesterday's date right before I posted above. Now it says "Updated at 10:52 AM today".

Edit - but I'm not seeing where it says anything about a two-year-old.

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This was one of my favorite coasters, but I must admit it scares me. I'm pretty sure I would never fall out because I hold on white knuckle style. I might think twice before riding again.

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