Man apparently banned from Walt Disney World for holding up Trump sign in on-ride photo

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Walt Disney World has banned a man who held a "Trump 2020" sign on Splash Mountain just weeks after he hung a similar banner elsewhere in the Magic Kingdom.

Read more and see the photo on NBC News.

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I have to side with Disney on this one.

This wasn't the first time this dude was making a political statement at WDW and he was given clear prior warnings from previous incidents to stop. The rules at Disney are simple, you cannot use the parks for "demonstrations and the display of signs and banners is not permitted on the premises". So, regardless of the message, this dude is a repeat offender and this wasn't the first time he has tried to pull a stunt like this. And if I were on that boat with him and that sign fell and hit me, I'd be pretty pissed off...

Private companies have no obligation to allow political speech on their grounds. Heck, they don't even need to be fair about it, but I suspect anyone with a <Democrat> 2020 sign would get the same treatment.

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I can't imagine being this into any politician. On second glance he sells this banner on his website... another snake oil salesman.

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Yeah, I don't entirely understand people who get really "devoted" to politicians of any kind, but especially one whose actions would get any of us fired from a normal day job.

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Like i have always said, "Its not the politicians that scare me, its their followers that do."

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Would he have been banned if it was five years ago with an Obama related message?

Your politics are fascinating. We're trying our best to outdo you with the ridiculousness, mind.


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Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I'm sure a Trump, Obama or any other politician on a sign would be banned by Disney. The rules are straight forward and they gave him a second chance. That guy has issues.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks, than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

"Here's yer sign!"

May be just the publicity he wanted. And getting banned may help sell more signs. "Buy the sign that got me banned from Disney." Likely will appeal to a certain mindset.

Change the scenario. Rather than a sign, its a t-shirt. Same design. Any issue in terms of the park?

Interesting to me that Disney permanently bans this guy but Cedar Point won't kick a person caught using a cell phone on a ride out of the park for that day. Guess its the difference between having more attendance than you want and looking to increase attendance.

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How effective are Disney at policing these bans? I know when I have worked in parks there have been mixed success rates.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Last month this guy placed a Trump 2020 banner across the raised platform of Disney’s Main Street Railroad Station and got off with a warning. During that publicity stunt he recruited another park goer to assist him and all the while solicited others to record the incident and "make it go viral". So it's not like he isn't disturbing families of vacationers who are just there to enjoy the mouse. Scores of other Splash Mountain riders have staged fun on-ride photos without getting into any trouble with park security. The difference here is the political aspect of his act and how it impacts others. Disney would have laid down the same warnings and punishments regardless of the candidate and rightfully so.

I'd like to add that a Gofundme account was created two days ago for this troll, so he has achieved what he wanted. Or maybe not... its currently at zero dollars.

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Rick_UK said:
Would he have been banned if it was five years ago with an Obama related message?

Considering this guy’s behavior, yes. It’s not really so much the content, as it is his trolling nature.

Guy has had his pass revoked, and been given one ban from the park already for various stunts, and even gave a statement that he was asked not to do it again when they lifted his ban - but he decided to see how far he could push them. It wasn’t even this on-ride photo that got him popped for it. He posted it on his blog and was bragging about it, and how he was pressing his luck, and was caught that way. So, again, not so much the content as it was the guy’s attitude.

He is the same guy who hung the giant flag from the train station, and he also did it at curtain call at the Frozen show on Broadway. He’s a troll, doing this stuff for YouTube views.

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Ugh. YouTube famous is a thing.

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And often a very lucrative thing.

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