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Matthew Sullivan died today in Los Angeles. For those that knew him, he was truly one of a kind.

I apologize for posting this in this forum, Jeff, so if you think of a better place, please post or move it there. I just think people need to know.

Matthew was responsible for many of us meeting each other at various event. He was ultimately responsible for getting me to SRM in 2003, as he'd given the ticket to me as a Christmas gift in 2002. I met our webmaster there, as well as many others.

May his memory be blessed.

I'll miss you, my friend.

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I'm very sad to hear this. Moosh was an amazing person with a very kind heart. He touched many people's lives, especially in the coaster community. May he rest in peace and his memory be honored.

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This is very distressing news. All the time I've been on here, I don't think Moosh ever said one mean thing to me. His posts always made me smile or chuckle. Wish I'd met him in person. I'm jealous of those who did. :(

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Wow. My condolences to all his friends and family.

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Rest in peace Moosh. You were a pretty cool guy and you will be missed.


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Very sad. Just saw him at PPP before all of his medical problems manifest. He was one of the first coaster geeks I met and I'll always remember getting Mooshed on Voyage and Ghostrider.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

This is heartbreaking.

Really loved that guy. Our sweet Moosh.

He's in heaven, cornering Will right now. I can just imagine what they're planning. I bet they're laughing uncontrollably.

Rest in peace, Matthew -- you were one in a million!


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I met him only briefly at PPP last year, but we'll always have the Purple Woodie logo. Vic and I listened to his mix CDs all through PPP weekend. He will definitely be missed. :(

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Amen, Paula.

Matthew was responsible for introducing me to so many of my friends. Going on that trip with him to CAC in 2005 changed my life. He gave so much without expecting anything in return. I'm so glad I got to see him one last time back in October. So many fond memories. Love you Mooshie.

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The coaster world just lost a great guy. We'll miss you, Moosh!

One of my favorite memories of Moosh was the first time I met him at Stark Raven Mad 2002 during the "Prom" for Pat Koch when Paula convinced him to cut-in on the dance betweek Pat Koch and WWE wrestler Mick Foley. Too funny!

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I didn't know him personally but he seemed like a good guy. My condolences to all of his friends and family.

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Been reading Moosh's posts for a while now, though I never knew him personally. But he seemed like a funny guy. Always sad to lose a fellow coaster lover. RIP.

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The loss of any life is sad - I'm sorry to say I didn't know him personally - but always respected him from what he wrote here. I hope he finds peace wherever he is now.

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nasai said:
He was ultimately responsible for getting me to SRM in 2003...

That's where I met him as well. This didn't seem to be on anyone's radar. Very hard to believe. He was way too young. Condolences to everyone close to him.

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He'd been really sick with various issues for quite some time now. In some ways, it was expected, and in others, not even kind of. I'd just spoken to him a few days back, and he was feeling a lot better, then bam.... went to the hospital, found out he had cancer, and died. All in 2 days.

God bless his memory. He was a great friend.

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Very Sad :(

While it has been years since I have seen him in person and I have basically gotten out of roller coasters as more important things have taken over this still hits me pretty hard.

He was a great guy and really was a driving force behind the community of friends here on CBuzz. I will always treasure being Mooshed. Now that I think of it I had met him probably a half a dozen times but they were all at HW or Knoebel's. When he did his calendars he had one of my photos in it in 04 and 05.

The inside jokes, the witty banter, M:TR, Mooshie you will be missed but I think the greater thing is how many of us you touched in real life...

Touched in real life....Moosh would have gotten a chuckle out of that too.

God Speed Buddy :(

-Brent Kneebush

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I never got to meet him in person either, but I had the privilege of being flirty with him by e-mail and on here for many years. He will be missed by many. He was one of the good guys.

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I knew Matthew mostly from the coaster boards. He and I emailed back and forth a couple of times and I saw him a few times around the parks as well. Being from California, I would only see him at events. God Speed my friend, see you on the other side.

Moosh was one of the people who welcomed me onto this forum when I started. I may not post as much as others, but his humor helped me work my way in. Not knowing anyone on this board personally, I didn't know why he hadn't been around. RIP, Moosh. Somewhere, Betty White sheds a tear...

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Moosh was always a pleasure to talk to and I had hoped one day to get mooshed... He will be missed greatly.

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