Mall of America new TMNT - interesting restraint

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Very nice, minus the stupid grippy-hold-you-down-and-back-vest, restraints on new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ride at the Mall Of America.

I love that place :) They don't offer a season pass, smart move. It's obvious the shoulder bars are redundant and dont do anything - but the vest is missing - smart move.


I may be partly deaf, but I don't think I mis-heard..did that female anchor call this a "roller coaster?"

Looks kinda fun, though.

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Hey, look on the bright side. At least they didn't call it a "rollycoaster." :)

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I realize it's not the same ride. But, from the looks of it, the individual seats may function the same as this ride at Belantis in Germany. I rode it last summer and got a crazy amount of flips. The nice thing is that each person can control the intensity of their ride. I have a video myself, but no one flipped much while I was recording. Here is a better demonstration of the ride I'm speaking of.

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