MAKO!!! Sea World Orlando 2016 (ya or na?)

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I don't see anything too extraordinary about this hyper. Looks like it will still be really fun, and will be nice addition to the park.

What do you think?

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CoasterDiscern said:

I don't see anything too extraordinary about this hyper.

What do you think?

I think it looks like an extraordinary hyper.

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It looks like fun. It could use a few more hills and a longer length. The fake splashdown ending kind of copies their flying coaster. I really like the turn before the second drop. It'll serve it's purpose.


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It's a "ya" for me. My only nit is the useless MCBR, Everything else looks fantastic. Kudos to Seaworld for having the testicles to build the themepark hub's first hyper.

ya, ya, ya.

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Ya ya ya, I am Lorde. Ya ya ya.

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Hahaha!! I edited the "ya" and "na" right away but it never changed. Now LORDE has me biting "na"ils!!! 😮

Ask not what you can do for a coaster, but what a coaster can do for you.
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Ya for me.That first turn looks fun and the airtime should be good. The second half looks much better than the pointless helix on intimidator. I just wish that they would have gone with a more unique turnaround than a hammerhead. I would have liked to see another barrel turn like on Fury or Shambhalas turnaround, which is like a figure eight looking thing.

Look at the rest of the coasters at SeaWorld Orlando and even at BGT and BGE(W). Typically, with very few exceptions, the company takes what might not be the greatest ride on its own and themes it in such a way that the total experience is better than average. I'm not a flying coaster fan, but I loved Manta. It wasn't just a coaster, it was an adventure. Kraken has awesome terrain. Same with Kumba and Montu. SheikRa (sp?) would be a snooze fest without the tunnel drop and water brakes. I have a feeling Mako will be at least awesome to ride, if maybe not the actual best hypercoaster. Definitely ya ya ya for me!

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I'm definitely looking forward to it! I like B&M Hypers (well, any Hypers, really) anyway, and I think both of Sea World's other B&M's are winners, so there's no reason to think this won't be great as well! I'm not sure when I'll be back to Florida, but whenever that time is, Sea World will definitely be on my list of places to take the family to!

I'll never ride it because I find SeaWorld absolutely reprehensible, but they really are getting quite a collection, at least in Orlando. It looks good!

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Tell me again about how reprehensible SeaWorld is - and how much you cared about ocean wildlife before they helped bring awareness to the mainstream.

Please, I'd love to hear it.

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